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9 Months and still rocked to sleep! Lock Rss

My little girl is nine months old, she manages to go to sleep on her own during the day which is good as I think this means she has learnt to go to sleep on her own, but when it comes to going to sleep at night time, she just screams and makes herself sick, so in the end I have to rock her off to sleep, as she seems to get really worked up and wont go to sleep. Her normal routine is gets up in the morning around 6 - 6.30am eats, plays then goes to sleep around 9.00am, has a good 2 hour sleep, has lunch, plays, around 2pm goes for another sleep for 2 hours, has some afternoon tea, plays some more, then has a bath around 5 - 5.30pm, has some dinner, plays some more, then its wind down time around 6.30pm then bed at 7pm. I have found she wont go to sleep with anyone else holding her, it has to be me, which can be very tiring sometimes, if any body else has any ideas on how to help, it would be great for your input.

Angela, 9mth baby

Hi Angela,

My little man ( also 9 months) went through this a couple of weeks ago, he was always a great sleeper before, but one day decided that as soon as i put him in his cot he would scream ( not just cry but scream). I took him to the doctors to get him checked and they told me he was fine, i then called NGALA and they told me that at around 9 months thy get smart enough to figure out how to manipulate mum & dad and they learn that if they really scream it makes you go into them. Their advice was to shut the door and leave them and not to go in at all, as this seems to upset them even more. I tried this for 2 nights and although it was REALLY hard, it worked ( after just 2 nights). He has now been sleeping beatifully for the last few weeks. It's a pretty tough way to do it, but if you are ok with it, it worked for Taj. It needs to be something you are comfortable with though.
Hello, I have a 10 and half month old son and he has just started waking constantly during nights after sleeping through the night from 5 weeks (rocked to sleep though). I thought it might be his teeth because he was waking when getting the top and bottom 4 teeth, then I thought it was maybe the heat, then christmas - out of routine, but it's just getting crazy. Maybe it is that age from reading all of your posts. I'm not sure about the whole controlled crying thing. Any experiences appreciated. Hayden tends to get hysterical and then it takes ages to calm him down again to get ready for sleep. Just as he started going to sleep by himself he learnt to pull himself up so whenever we put him in the cot he just stood up calling out then finally screaming. He's been very mummy clingy and when waking during the night he goes to sleep in my arms but wakes when I put him back in the cot but daddy has no trouble with this! HELP!

Hayden born 12-2-2005

Angela, I was lucky enough to get into Tweedle in Victoria. I learnt there to settle a baby. Initially put your 9month in cot,dont make eye contact, go out. If baby crying, go back in after 30seconds has passed, resettle(don't pick up your child) resettle by patting, no talking, no eye contact. Once crying abates, go out again. If crying becomes constant, go back in after 2 minutes, resettle again(same way as before) go out. When crying persists go back in after 4 minutes. You double your time of staying out of the room every time. I do know it's hard, the longest it took me was 20 minutes and considering I use to nurse my baby to sleep and even have him in my bed, I thought it was great ,it took me 3 days before it all worked good during the night. If you cant stand the really bad crying while your waiting to go back in, go into another room. Your childs eating and sleeping routine is exactly the same as mine. Another thing if babys crying abates this hopefully means they have gone to sleep, baby's take 15 minutes to get into a deep sleep, so if they are quite don't go into check until that 15 mins has passed. Hope this helps some.
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