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Feral time at night. Lock Rss

Hi all mums,
I have a 3mth baby boy who is now bottle fed. This is my problem and if anyone has any tips please HELP!

He has a feed at 6pm and needs to have a sleep sometime after that. Only problem is he will not sleep unless mummy is holding him. Very rarely he will go into his bassinet or lay on his couch on the floor but most of the time he has to sleep on me.

If i don't hold him or try to put him down he wakes straight away and screams. Not just a little whimper but a full on pelt. He is doing my head in. Makes it very hard to do things, eg have dinner!

He only does it at this time of night. I know that it is common for them to have a bad time of day but do they grow out of it? Any hints to help stop it? Does any other mums have probs similar to this?

Sorry for the essay but would really appreciate all your tips and hints. Thanks

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

Good old arsenic hour! There is actually a name for it it is that common! The thing mine loved at this age was their rocker/bouncer. That way they could see a lot more, and i found they would sleep in it if i rocked it for them, this is actually how i got two of them to stop falling asleep on me.
Also how are his daytime naps? If he sleeps well during the day he won't get as wound up at this time, if he sleeps on you during the day maybe you could think about swapping him to his cot as he will probably sleep longer in there.
Hope something in here helps, nothing worse than listening to screaming while scoffing dinner as fast as you can.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06


My little one was the same, it was worse around 4.50-6-30 but she basically slept on me throughout the day!! She was most comfortable sleeping upright on my chest and would cry whenever I would try to lay her down unless she was fast asleep in which case I would lay her down and she'd last about 5mins before the screaming started!. One evening it was so bad I took her to the emergency room she frigtened me so much. Anyway, they told me she had colic.

She gradually got better and around 4 months started sleeping on her own. She did wake alot though because she then had sleep associations due to the constant holding so finally at 6mths (she's 6 1/2 mths now) we tried the "Time to sleep" DVD which they talk about on this site. This is working for her and she now sleeps much better during the day (1 1/2 hrs in her cot instead of 40mins on me!!). I can put her to sleep at night at 7.30 and she will sleep straight until around 1am or smetimes 4am depending (I give her afeed at 10pm while she's half asleep) Then it's in bed with us because she won't settle, but it's still better than it used to be.

Also, another thing I noticed was that once I had her in a bedtime routine things seemed to get a bit better. I used to have her in the lounge with us in front of the tv but once I changed this to bathtime at 6pm, then read a book etc on my bed with some low light she became much more relaxed.

Anyway, hopefully this will get better as she gets older.

Good luck and let me know how you go....
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