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Feeding before sleeps Lock Rss

Hi all, I have just discovered that my LO prefers to be fed before sleeping. This has probably come about at the babysitters who (despite strict instructions ) may have given her a bottle before her naps on occasion. So because she is sick with the flu I've been continuing with this as it seems to promote sleep and is the most peaceful way of getting her off to sleep. When I put her down, I try to make sure that she is aware of it so that she doesn't become dependent on it for sleep, she usually does a drowsy little stretch then drops right off to sleep and will sleep for a minimum of 1 hour (which is a miracle in itself as she catnaps when I pat/shush her to sleep!). My question is if I continue with this will it become a prop? So, once she is over her flu - should I retrain her to sleep after activity time rather than after a feed? Also, she doesn't sleep through the night at all - she gets up min of 3 times to feed - could this be related to her feeding before sleeps? Anyone with any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Annie, NSW, Emmy 13/6/05, Aidan 11/1/07


I'm not sure if this helps - but ever since Jacob came home we've followed the night time ritual of dinner, play, bath, milk, bed.

This has worked for my SIL and her twins and now at 2 and a half they still follow the same ritual except after their milk they have a little story time and then bed.

I've been very lucky in the Jacob has slept through from 5 months and I feel he's gotten to a point at evening time where he knows to expect dinner, play or bath and if it doesn't come in time he gets very whingy.

For us I don't believe "its a prop" to get him to sleep - its purely a routine we have followed since birth and no doubt as he gets older this routine may change but for now he knows it and he's comfortable with it and it works.

I hope this helps.
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