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Baby 6mth wont sleep in pram Lock Rss

Hi there

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced a prob that i am currently go thru. My little girl who is 6 months old will only sleep in her cot. She cries when she is in her pram when tired nor will she sleep in nanna cots. As i full time mum it is really annoying having to stay home cos baby will not sleep else where. Jessica currently has three day sleeps after being awake around 2 -2.5 hrs she becomes tired and wants to sleep.

If i do go down to the local shops i make to quick just to be in time to be home of bubs nap..

How annoying is that?? Any suggestions out there?

Thanks heaps.
Hi First Time Mum,

All I can offer is what worked for my son. Firstly, he didn't like lying on the material that the pram was made out of so I ended up always putting a bunny rug down first which made it more cosy for him. The other thing was to cover the pram. I used a sun shade for prams. This made it dark and reduced the outside distractions. I also found that by gently pushing the pram back and forwards would often soothe him into sleep (rather than just going forwards). Sit yourself down somewhere and try this for about 10 minutes.

Hope something works for you! Mind you by the time my son was 12 months, he wouldn't sleep when we went out no matter what!

Good luck.

Hi Yvette

Thanks for your suggestion. About six weeks ago i purchased pure sheeps cool for comfort for the pram suitable for summer and winter which was around $60 and did not help. I have tried to cover the pram with a sun shade or a blanet over the top but made her even more upset. I will try next time i rock the pram back and forwards maybe that will help.

Can i ask you if it gets easier when my little one is around 12 months.. i mean she will be able to communicate etc.... please tell my yes as we are thinking of trying for another baby (hopefully a boy, but either sex would be great) in a couple of months.

Good luck with baby number two.. the very best wishes to you and your family.

First time mum..
Hi First Time Mum,

Good luck with the pram sleeping arrangements, hope something works for you. My son hates sheepswool though so we ended up using a brushed cotton rug which he much preferred. He doesn't mind sheepswool now but when he was a baby it really irritated him!

In regards to whether it gets easier when they are 12 months, I guess it depends on the child.

My son is pretty easy most of the time so we've been lucky. In some ways it certainly does get easier as once they are mobile they don't tend to get as frustrated by things which meant for my little boy that he didn't whinge as much!

But, once they are mobile, they get into everything! I don't really mind but you need to be aware that they require more supervision once they start walking which will take up more of your time.

However, now that he is 2.5 yrs old, he is really really easy. He can talk and has great conversations, he can keep himself more easily amused because he loves role playing and can spend time with his toys without us necessarily having to get involved (although we often do anyway!). Once he is fully toilet trained, it will again be that much easier.

It all depends on the child themselves though as I have friends who have very demanding kids no matter what age they are and they find it hard to cope. If you are ready for another baby then go for it. I would have loved to have had another baby sooner than now but as I had to go through IVF, I had to wait until I could afford it. Mind you, I'm already planning for our third child to be a bit closer in age to the bump that I have now! Will wait and see.

Good luck.

Hi Yvette

Thanks for your reply. Not sure what i will try next regarding bubs being unsettled in the pram. To be honest my main priority at the moment is her sleep routine at home.. which i am happy to say is going really well. My bub Jessica is having three daytime sleeps and goes in her cot without a fuss. My family are fantastic in reagrds to baby sitting. That gives me the opportunity to go down to the local shops. I must admit it is easier on your own and you dont have to stop to feed bubs etc.. and time away from the little one is good occassionally.

Good Luck with baby #2, i would love to hear how you go. Regarding the IVF, best wishes with baby #3. My sister in law will be attempting IVF straight after Easter. Hope all goes well for her too.

first time mum
My suggestion would be to use a sling when you go out. I find that once my boy is in a sling he can hardly resist sleep 'cos of the constant movement and being close to mum. God Luck!
Hi first time mum,

I am also a first time mum and I experience the exact same thing with my boy when he was about 5 months old (he is now nearly 7mths old). Whenever I went shopping he would be ok for the first few hours then he would get really cranky and upset and start to cry because he wants to sleep. I tried everything, just like you, but one day when I was looking at baby clothes at Target I looked over and realised he had fallen asleep sitting up!!. He looked so cute and I was amased that he had fallen asleep on his own. Maybe your baby will do the same, I think that sometimes when they are tired enough, they will just nod off and go to sleep wherever they are.

Good luck.


Mum to toddler

Hi First time mum,

I found Georgia just loved a sling, we got ours from she would fall asleep really quickily once I was up and walking.

Hi Kathy

I was unable to find that website- any idea what else it could be found in?

Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi, my little man did not like sleeping in the pram either until around 6 1/2 months. I started back at work and my caregiver takes him for a walk every morning around his morning nap time and he falls asleep now. He never even use to like his pram before this. Unsure how she did it, but maybe try going out once a day in it, even for a short time if bubs becomes upset. It may just take time for her to get use to it.
What about a toy or something from her cot that she can relate too? Good luck.

Deena NZ New mum

Hi there First time mum!!

Turning your little girl to the side and covering the pram with a blanket just for a few minutes may do the trick as they are able to "block" out all the noise etc. Also i find that , this may sound silly , running the wheels over a tiny step like the spot in between tiles and carpet. James would fall asleep in secs as he loved the bumps. Similar to the feeling they would get being in a sling i would imagine! Dont know if it helps but worth a try?

Good luck smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Hi there all mums

Thanks heaps for your replies. Today i went to the local shopping centre and tried out a few of your suggestions. The balnket over the pram seemed to be make my little one more upset cos she couldn't see out. I ended up going home even though i wasn't finished my shopping. I was not happy...

I considered buying a baby sling but thought that my little one is getting quite heavy now, almost 8 kgs.

I still cant work out why she hates the pram so much. I still have to try to go for daily walks around about her nap time so she gets use to it. In the meantime i will begin to use the trolleys from the supermarket with the capsule to put me little one in it and wander around the shopping centre in that.

Thanks again to all.

First time mum
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