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Wont sleep at night Lock Rss

Please help!!!!
My DD is 4 1/2 mnths old. Initially she had colic which would keep us up till at least midnight, however now it seems that she is so used to the late nights she just won't go to sleep at a decent hour!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions???? We have tried wrapping her up and she hates it.... we've tried controlled crying but it really doesn't work with her, she ends up screaming so much she starts to hyperventilate and makes her self sick and after a week of this I couldn't do it anymore.
She doesn't take a dummy (her choice not mine).
I follow a routine at night time, have dim lights etc but all to no avail. Last night (well should I say this morning she finally fell asleep at 3.30AM. ) she doesn't have big day time sleeps either so it's not like she's getting too much sleep during the day. Any ideas would be appreciated
sounds like my first! Hardly slept day or night! He's up at 6:30am has no sleep through the day and I have only just gotten him to go to bed before 10pm!! I have had so many nights where I have only gotten 3 hours sleep and some nights I have had none!

I found the only way to get my kids to go to bed early is to turn all lights off and go to bed myself...with them in bed with me! After a bit they get into the habit of going to bed early so you can then enjoy staying up a little longer.

That's my experience anyway.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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