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Hi everyone

My 7.5 month old is placed on her back when she goes to sleep and moments later she's on her side then on her front - she is placed in the bottom 1/2 of the bed so that she can't wriggle down the bed and suffocate.

Usually 2 (sometimes 3) times a night she will wake screaming and when i go in she has wriggled up to the left corner of the cot - it seems as though she's reached the end and there's no where else to wriggle to (maybe she hits her head on the cot bed head??)

is this movement in the cot okay? do other babies do this? should i be doing anything about it. I reckon if it wasn't for this wriggling,she might even be sleeping through!

please help

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

My DD does the same thing but she does sleep right thru from about 7.30pm to 6am, she does cry if she bumps her head but it does not happen very often. i put her to sleep at the bottom of the cot on her back and i always find that she has wriggled towards the top, or even ends up sideways.

I have no idea how you'd stop the moving, but as my DD isn't wakeing up because of it, i'm not to worried, i only worry about her getting chilly overnight caus she wiggles away from the blanket.

NSW, DD May 05 grin

Hey Susan,

I agree, my little one bangs his head and moves around the cot alot too. Everytime I hear him bang his head, I consider getting him his own bed (he's now 1) but I he isn't walking independantly yet, just cruising so I think it's a little too early.

I'd like to see what others suggest too....

Sorry I couldn't help......

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07


I have the same problem...

My 5 month old little girl shuffles about during the night & gets her legs or arms through the bars (a bit of a problem as she doesn't cry out when she gets stuck). I do use a cot bumper but have put it on the outside of the cot was stopping her pushing through but now she has got older doesn't work too well... I have also tried the wedges but she gets so frustrated trying to roll over them & ends up being a little monster.... and well then no one gets a good night sleep!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Linsay, Hannah & Kirra


My 6 month old has been sleeping between wedges since birth but lately wiggles himself out of them. Two night ago I found him on his tummy with is legs out between the bars. Sometimes he does a 180 turn. How do they do it I have no idea but it just happens.
So I have no solutions as the wedges don't help much.
But by reading all the other posts I guess it is just something they do.

Boy 27-05-05 and girl 30-11-06, due 26-03-09

Hi Susan
I'm not sure if you have "Safety Sleeps" in OZ, but over here in NZ we have them. They are fabric that goes around the matress of the cot or bed and has a velcro flap that you strap the baby into. I have a home made version that was working on my 5 month old boy, now he rolls onto his tummy while in the safety sleep! I would suggest trying one of those.

Full time Mum

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