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Daytime sleep lengh, do you have to force the issue? Lock Rss

My daughters daytime sleeps are all over the place. Some days she will be really good and have one or two long sleeps and a little nap in the arvo and other days she only naps all day. When she naps I don't know how to make her sleep any longer because she is all smiles and happy when I go in there.

Do babys HAVE to have longer sleeps in the day or is napping OK?

Do they settle down as they get older and tend towards a longer nap or do some stay nappers?

Is there really any point trying to force her to go back to sleep if she really doesn't want to?

P.S. She is tending to sleep 10-12 straight at night dispite all her daytime changes so I am guessing I really shouldn't be complaining.

P.P.S On most days she will go off to sleep fine (occasionally grizzles for a little while) so it's just the staying asleep we seem to be having trouble with.
Typical! Today she is having a long sleep tongue
This was my day today:
5:15am wake/feed *asleep since 6pm*
6:30 - 7:30 sleep
8am feed
Out shopping - awake
9ish fell asleep in car
got home - woke up but managed to get her off to sleep 'till 10:30
10:30-11 ish feed
11:45 attempted to get her off to sleep
*dunno if she slept but she was quiet for a while*
12:20 gurgling away to herself
didn't go back to sleep
1:00 got her up
1:30 feed
2:00 - 2:45 sleep
4:00pm tried to get her to sleep
screamed till 4:30pm when feeding was the only thing that would calm her down.
5:00 bath (grizzled a bit but was happy for a while)
* I tried to get another feed in cos that would have been the usual bedtime routime (bath, feed, bed)*
5:30 bed (usually 6pm when she has that last nap)
wouldn't settle, screamed when I went out to get takeaways (poor hubby)
6-6:30 little snack followed by big burp
6:30-7pm grizzled
7pm seems to have fallen asleep finally.

It seems to be lately that she wont have her last nap which has been a catnap from about 4weeks and she ends up way over tired. The main reason I am still trying to keep the usual bedtime and routine is we have two dinners to go to (first this sat and next sat - first times since bubs was born) and my Mum is babysitting. Usually DD would simply go off to sleep and we don't hear anything and this is what I want/need for when Mum's here.

I am begining to get very frustrated. sad What happened to my angel baby, as soon as I think I have it all worked out *poof*. :'(
I know exactly how you feel!!!
I am going crazy here, not getting anything done, it seems she sleeps less during the day when daddy is home, hmmm must remember to kill him lol only kidding.

I wish I had advice for you, but unfortunately I am just having to handle it like you.

Mine must be her mothers child, trying to be the boss.

I just had a shower with her and put her down at 6:30pm, hopefully she will sleep till 10-11ish.
It would be nice to spend an evening with my man.
And after reading others posts it seems my original time of 9ish is very late.

Have you tried doing baby exercises like "touch your toes" touching with alternate hand and foot, holding her feet and doing running motions. Or even "if you're happy and you know it" making her do the actions with your help?
Did used to work for me, maybe that will help tire her out a bit.

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