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How to go about taking the dummy away? Lock Rss

Daniel is 11 months old in a couple of days as has always been a horrid sleeper. I feel its time to lose the dummy as he wakes a few times for it during the night and although he has it on a chain, cant find it himself (welll..he doesnt look really, just screams with his eyes closed and no dummy. lol). Secondly, he wakes in the early hours of the morning (usually 4am - 5.30am) and will only go back to sleep peacefully if I give him a bottle. I did controlled crying for a whole week and the whole time he stayed awake til nearly get up time at 7am, mind you by then, he was damn near choking on his cries. Oh and when he's crying, wont keep the dummy in so he's not going to go to sleep anyway!! So...Im ready for a battle. How do I do it though? Do I take it for the first nap of the day...and risk him only sleeping in dribs and drabs for the day because he has no dummy and being overtired by the evening and even worse to get to sleep at night?? Or do I do it at bedtime and be up all night instead?? I am so scared of this - and ofcourse I want the easiest solution as we all do. Helpful tips from Mums who have done the "deed" would be most appreciative!! I was even thinking, would a few days of going to sleep in the car or pram (he can do this without dummy) be a good idea so he has a few days weaning off it without stress?? How long does it take for him to get used to no dummy too? Please help!!

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

my 3 months old was waking three of four times a night for his dummy, it was so hard, we had a week of crying and screaming to get him used to settling without it. i had my sister in law come over and help me with my 17 month old and we just taught him all over again how to sleep, im happy to say he's now almost 7 months and sleeps beautifully without it, it was a tough week though, it felt like i was starting all over again, well worth it though, be strong and persist.

bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

Hi there,

My daughter is almost 11 months old and we had reached a very similar scenario i.e. waking in the night for the dummy, wanting a bottle early morning, throwing the dummy out of the cot at sleep time to try & get us to come back. Well, we got rid of the dummy last week and I am so glad - yay. It had got to that point where it had become more of a hinderance than a help.

We had to go through the whole 'sleep and settling' thing again. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as we expected. Trying to remember exactly what we did... I think I cut back use of it during the day first. There was lots of sucking on her hands and I tried making sure she had her favourite toy with her as a kind of comfort substitute.

We also did controlled crying and it took maybe half an hour for her to get to sleep during the day without it the first time. The first night she didn't take long to fall asleep and she slept 7 til 7 (what bliss). Now she goes straight to sleep at night (we just say good night & walk out of the room) and sleeps right through. She cries a bit before her day sleeps still but I don't have to go back in to her at all. Oh, the other thing we are doing is waking her for a roll-over bottle before we go to bed. I was against it at first - thought it seemed mean but it's working well at the moment.

Sorry to go on...not sure if it's much help. Good luck though.
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