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feeding and settling Lock Rss

I have a 4 & half month old girl who has been losing interest in breast feeding for a few weeks now-instead of feeding for a good feed she is more interested in looking around at anything & everything and puts her hands in her mouth instead.I was hoping to feed her til she was 6 mths but she doesnt seem to be filling her stomach up so she ofcourse gets hungry within the 3hrly feed and so therefore all the feeds are out of wack..
Ive started giving her a bottle of formula at night to fill her up but she seems to only takes it when she feels like it.And wakes up 1 hr after the bottle.She also has been very unsettled with the sleeping,She has gone from 8hrs sleeps to waking up every 2-3hrs during the night,since the lost in the feeding&she takes ages to actually go to sleep,its like she fights her sleep every time she goes into her cot.And we dread every time we put her to bed,as its always a screaming match.We pat her but it gets beyond a joke at times as we feel we cant be patting her always and you would think that she would get it by now.She also doesnt seem to sleep much during the day,maybe 1 hr here and half a hour there.We have tried leaving her to cry it out but she gets in such a state that she all sweaty and takes longer to resettle and also gets in the most awkward positions in her cot.She wont take the dummy.What should we do???Leave her screaming or try & pat her???She is like the energiser bunny!!We are very delirious!!Has anyone out there used phenergan???Its meant to be for 2yrs old&over but ive heard of people using it as early as mikis age.??Not that we really want to use a sedative but she needs her sleep.And can you feed her half brest milk&half formula???

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

That is exactly what Matt did!! My advice - if she is rejecting the dummy now - take it away. I kept persisting with the dummy and ended up giving myself huge problems a few months later. At the sleep clinic that I went to, they told me that babies lose the sucking reflex around the 5-6 month mark and many show this by rejecting the dummy. I really feel for you as this is a terrible stage and the fact that you are not getting a good nights sleep doesn't help either. As for the bf, if she is not drinking much, express to keep your supply up as she will probably change again. I'm a bad Mum, Matt drinks his milk in his rocker in front of the TV (I play baby Einstein videos). He will suck away a whole bottle with a lot less resistance than if I try and hold him. This might help you to get Mickayla back into the rhythm of drinking during the day and not the night. My final piece of advice that I know a lot of people would disagree on, is maybe she needs a small amount of solids. I am not suggesting you give her steak and 3 veg, but a little farex and maybe pear. Solids really helped with stopping the overnight feeds. It took 3 months for me to get Matt back into a decent routine, so I really feel for you. Try and get as much sleep as you can so you can deal with the nights better. One last thing - I love Tizzie Hall's advice on sleep and settling. We have adapted her routines to suit Matt (he sleeps far less than she recommends). She has a website You can purchase packages which contain info on settling, introducing solids and routines (or you can become friends with me and send me an email [email protected] and I can 'help' with getting you the info!!!)


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