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When to stop dream feed? Lock Rss

Hi All, Was just wondering how you know when bubs is ready to drop the 11pm dream feed? My boy is nearly 5 months and I wake him between 10:30pm and 11pm for a "top-up" feed and was wondering when others stopped doing this. He is in bed asleep by 7pm and then I get him up for the top-up feed and he's back down whithin 15 - 20 min. He has only slept through from this feed twice. Just wondering what others have done. Many thanks from a first time mum!

Take Care

Emma & Jayden, WA

Hi Emma

My son started sleeping through from 7pm when he was 9 weeks old, I started off waking him for a feed at around 10 or 11 but he would be too sleepy to feed anyway. I asked the nurse if I should continue with the late feed and she said not to worry about it unless he woke up by himself and was hungry. So I just left it up to him, occasionally he would wake up but most of the time he would sleep through until 5 or 6am. If he needs it he'll wake up himself. Hope this helps.

Hi, my little man finally stopped the 11pm feed at around 7 months. He use to wake for this feed himself, then sleep through till about 6-7. He also goes down at 7pm. What happens if you don't wake your bubs for a feed - Will he wake later on anyway and need one? Each baby is differant when it comes to dropping the night feed. I am a first time mum too - and all is trial and error. My little man dropped the night feed, but still does not sleep through. Generally I am up 1-2 (or 6) times a night just to pop the dummy back in and resettle him. One day I am hoping he will sleep through - although it may take awile before I will sleep through the night. Good luck.

Deena NZ New mum

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