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sleeping in a cot.. Lock Rss

Hi All,

Iv been trying for the last week to put my baby into his cot, from birth he has been in a bassinet but he is now getting to big for it as he is 14 wks old, but he seems to really hate it.. I dont know what else to try.. Does anyone have any ideas to help me??


I oput Mitch in a snuggle bed by day when he was getting too bug for the bassinet, i had the snuggle bed in the cot and then he eventually went in it at night and then intot he cot! he is really tall and so was prob about the same age as you rlittle one!
A lot of people and places say snuggle beds are bad for SIDS etc and they are thouth the one i used was made witht that tea tree stuff they can breathe through, so it was a safe one!
Good luck!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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