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When to give a pillow? Lock Rss


My bub loves lying on our pillow and if we have a cushion on the floor when he is really tired he will take his blankie over to it and lie on it and start to fall asleep. When did you start giving your bub a pillow? I'm a bit hesitant to start now as he is still only 8.5 months and scared about the whole SIDS thing.

I didnt give DD#1 a pillow until she was close to 2 yrs old. Will probably do the same with DD#2.

I think you are advised to wait until at least 2 years, but I gave dd a pillow when she was 7 months. She used to sometimes wake every 2 hours through the night, then one night she had a cold - I thought it might help with the cold, it did!! She slept 12 hours!! And has slept 12 hours pretty much everynight since she got her pillow!! I was a bit scared at first but I am now confident that she is fine with the pillow.

I use three little baby 'bolsters'. They look like sausages. It's about 7cm in diameter and about 39cm long. They are light weight. When he was 7mth old my son can easily pick it up and throw it he still does at 10mths now. The bolster rolls off anything easily. You baby is 8.5mths should be able to pick things up and throw it. I have been using it since he was a new born. I use it as head blocks so baby doesn't bang his head against the crib when sleeping.

As for pillow I gave my daughter when she turned 2.5 yrs old. I will most likely do the same with my son.
[Edited on 03/06/2008]
i was told not until they are out of a cot altogether and in a "big bed" so around 2
We just used a junior pillow for DS1 at around 18 months old. First put it in his cot for a short while (2 weeks or so) before moving him and the pillow to a big bed.


My DS has a boomerang pillow, he loves his head snuggled into things, it also helps him from moving to much at night. He is 7 months old and has been using it since 4 months as i couldnt find a good bumper for him.
My son is around 8.5 months and I gave him a little firm pillow about a week ago, because i started noticing, when he was sleeping, he would tuck his blanket under his head, or he would tuck a toy or something under his head, i figured it would be good.

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