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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me? My four and a half month old who has been sleeping thru the night since she was 6 weeks old has out of the blew begun to wake up every two hours in the night. This has only been since she had her four month needles and the doctor told me to turn her around in her cot becuase her head was to flat. Do you think this has anything to do with it. I hope you can help me.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Hmmm, thats a tricky one...

My DD was sleeping through for a few weeks when we started solids but stopped coincidentally with her 6 month immunisation. She wakes any-where from 2-3 times a night, not matter what we try.

Our CHN said that it is quite common for girls of her age to start playing up. It could be any-thing from growth spurts, hunger, teething, comfort, separation anxiety (etc). She also said that these little ones can be rather manipulative - testing boundaries etc.

I would think if your bub is other wise happy, no temperature (etc) then I wouldn't think there is any serious reaction to the immunisation. DD is usually a bit cranky for a few days after hers.

My DD changes her patterns quite regularly as does most of the 12 bubs in our play group. Its pretty tough on poor old mum and dad though when you have been use to getting decent sleep.

As for the flat head a little tip that might work for you is putting a mirror / toy on the side of bubs cot. I use to switch sides as DD loved staring at it and always fell asleep looking at it. Once she started playing with it too much I took it out and she naturally moves her head throughout the night.

Other than being very jelous that your bub slept through from 6 weeks (LOL) - I wish you the best of luck. I am sure there will be lots of good advice from the great mums out there that will help.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Sam

My daughter slept through from when she was 4 weeks old and like Kazi's little girl, she started waking again 2-3 times per night at 6 months when she started solids. Also like Kazi said it can be a number of reasons they start waking again and from what I know it's pretty normal at around the 4 month mark. If you do think it has anything to do with her needles it's probably best to get her checked out at the doctor. I don't want to bore with with every last detail of our story so I will try and be brief. I think my daughter did start waking due to her body getting used to solid food, but after a while it seemed to be just out of habit. Our child health nurse told me that it is pretty normal for babies still to need night feeds up until 6 months of age even if they have slept through in the past. Some parents start introducing their babies to solids at this age, I prefer to wait until closer to 6 months (as per current recommendations). Anyway as my daughter was older than 6 months, and when I thought she was waking out of habit I started patting her back to sleep in her cot, sometimes it took a while though. If it took longer than 30 mins I would get her up and feed her. But mostly she would go back to sleep. She's now 8 1/2 months old and has only just started sleeping through again (most nights anyway). But now she's at the age where most babies start having a bit of separation anxiety so if she does wake I usually feed her (she's breastfed) for comfort and she goes back to sleep pretty easily. She's also got her top molars coming through so I think that could be affecting her sleep too. Maybe it is a girl thing as Kazi suggested because my son started sleeping through from 9 weeks old and only woke through the night VERY occasionally after that. It could be that your daughter is a bit unsettled from turning her around, all I can suggest is to keep up with her normal bedtime routine and hopefully the sleepless nights will pass - sorry I can't be of more help. One thing one of the nurses told me once was that if a baby has been a good sleeper, even if they go through an unsettled patch, as long as you keep using your normal settling techniques/routine they will go back to being good sleepers.

Take care
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