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Let them sleep where they want or not... Lock Rss

DD roams around the cot, been a real challenge of late. She is getting more teeth so quite irritable and a general pain in the butt. I have decided to just let her sleep where ever she ends up in the cot. If she has an arm or leg sticking out I will gentle move her. I have no blankets in her cot as quite warm plus no matter how tight I tuck them in, she pulls them up. I just dress her to ensure she doesnt get cold.

Anyway, do you think its alright to let her sleep where ever she ends up, even upside down and back to front? Ha ha ha.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my son also does this and aslong as he isnt on his tummy which is rarely then i pretty much leave him unless he has legs or arms out of the cot then i too gently put them back in. i find that if i move him to much then he will wake up again and more than likely end up in the exact same spot 5 or 10 minutes later. i used to put a blanket over him once he was alseep and tuck it in as once he was asleep he would rarely wake up in the night but now that it is warmer i dont worry about blankets. i used to worry if he was on his side but now if he did roll onto his tummy he would be able to move if he couldnt breathe properly or something like that but i still wont leave him if he is on his tummy and i know about it, its silly really i know he could move if he needed to or atleast lift his head and cry so i would come in but i still cant leave him like it. im such a worry wort but only with specific things.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

I used to lay Ella on her back at the bottom of the cot like you're supposed to, then one day I found her on her tummy & I freaked out! So I rolled her over, 2 mins later she was back like that. Since then I've found her in the most unusual positions, so I've given up. I figured if she's still asleep in that position she must be comfortable so let her be!

Carlie, Ella & Ky

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