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Sharing a room??!!! Lock Rss

Hi guys, we are moving in 5 days and I am undecied whether to let my two boys share a room, or whether my bubs is too young. Bubs is 7.5 months and the oldest is 3 years old. What do you guys think?? My partner says they will be Ok, but my mum thinks bubs still a bit to hear your advice...

Thanks in advance!
i would do it, and see how they go! Obviously you are confident that the 7.5month old will sleep through the night. Just watch when he starts teething, then the wake ups begin through the night, would be the only advice i could give you.

I think the main focus should be on your older son who needs all the sleep he can get at night.

Good luck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

my 6.5 mth old has shared a room with our 7 yr old since he was 3 months old. We haven't had many problems at all. Juat the two boys generally wake up early and you can hear them laughing and playing when everyone is trying to sleep-in.
ALso make sure the 3 yr old can't operate the drop side ont he cot. Whne Mitchell was that age he used to let my DD out of her cot by dropping the side and showing her how to climb out.
Good luck.

How are things going?
We moved our 3 yr old and his 8mth old brother into the same room to see if that actually help our youngest sleep a bit better at night. Having company seems to have worked although he has been teething so we often move the youngest to the guest room when all he wants to do is cry or play in the middle of the night.
We also thought we would just try it, if it didn't work and the oldest one wasn't getting enough sleep we would change it, but so far so good.
Good luck. Someone once told me that it is amazing what older children can sleep through, and i would have to agree.

Tracey,NSW,3 yr boy, 9mth boy

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