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Rollover feed and sleeping Lock Rss

Hi girls....

Well things have been going really well for us...the last few days Conor has been eating really well and pretty much finishing of all his bottles...he has been sleeping beautifully too...I haven't had to get up to him after his rollover feed at 10pm...he usually wakes right on 6am for his morning feed and is then straight back to bed for a good 2-3 hours....

For the last week our routine hasn't changed, I know it will eventually but it is such a bliss

My question is to those ladies or have or are doing the rollover feed....when did you stop doing this feed??? Conor is on 5 bottles at the moment (2 bottles of 120mls water and 4 scoops = approx 140mls and 3 bottles of 150mls water and 5 scoops = approx 170mls) so he is having his quota for his weight....

Did you bubs ever go to just four bottles before he/she even started solids???

Just need some advice....I honestly don't mind doing the 10pm feed for as long as I have to because it just works in our favour and I just love the routine that we are in...esp because hubby does the 6am feed so I get to sleep in until Conor wakes up later on in the morning I am soooo lucky

Hope this all makes sense!!

DS born 1/7/05 (10 wks early), DS born 4/5/07

let me say, YOU ARE VERY LUCKY!

All i can say is, Conor will definatly let you know when he wants to drop the feed or join the feed with another and require more milk before bed. I'm not sure how old he is, but i know when kayden was around 6months he started to want more milk during the day in the bottle rather than at night, so i would give him a BIG bottle before bed of 200mls, if he took it all he took it all, if he didnt, he didnt - it was no big deal.

but i always remember the first time kayden wanted to drop a feed from 6to 5 i had no idea what was going on, but the next time he dropped from 5 to 4 i could see the signs. It did take a week or so mind you, but eventually we got there in the end. I am POSITIVE you will see the sign when he doesnt want it any more, so just hang in there and you will see soon enough.

Hope this is some help, -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06


I think we stopped doing it when Ella was around 6mths. I mainly did it in hope she would sleep right through, but it didn't make a difference, so we just dropped it.

We started Ella on solids at 4mths, it wasn't until 6mths that she was eating well & having 3 meals a day, which is around the time we dropped that extra feed. Advice I have read states they only need 4 bottles a day when they're eating solids well.

If you're happy doing the 10pm feed, then continue doing it. Its not going to harm him getting an extra bit of milk, especially if he drinks it all.

Carlie, Ella & Ky

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