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Daytime sleeps Lock Rss

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has any good tips about putting baby to bed. Morgan is 15 weeks and has taken to screaming every time she goes in her cot. She eventually goes to sleep after me going in and out heaps of times. She smiles at me when I go in so I know there's nothing wrong with her.

Tamsyn, Melbourne, Morgan 6.9.05


Sorry but I don't have any advice. My daughter who is 14 weeks does the same thing but she has never been a good daytime sleeper. In fact she hates it. A lot of the time now I can guarantee that as soon as I leave her sight she will start crying until I'm back again then its all smiles.
Most people just say she doesn't want me to leave and even though shes tired I think she smiles so I think shes not. Anyway just keep trying to resettle and eventually they get the msg. And like you said, at least you know there is nothing wrong!
Goodluck smile
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