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resettling in the early morning!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
My 3.5month old has been waking the last couple of nights at about 3am, i go in and put her dummy back in, and she goes straight back to sleep, but olny for 1/2hour at a time until usually at about 5am i bring her into bed with us, so i can replace the dummy and not have to go into her room all the time.
She has her last feed at 8.30pm and is in bed asleep by 9.30pm, she used to sleep through to 7.30am without waking, sometimes just once, and if i put her dummy back in then she would sleep the rest of the night.
Do you think i should give her another feed during the night?? i dont wanna start the night feedings again, she has been sleeping through without any problems since 4 weeks, why now???
please help....
a tired mum!!

Lana, Baby Girl, 14/09/2005

Hi Lana, I know how you feel. My 11.5 month old didn't actually do the 11 hour shift until she was a bit older, but she used to also go to bed b/w 7 and 7.30 and go straight through to 6. or 6.30 (except for the lost dummy). Now, she also wakes between 3 and 4am and does the same thing. Goes back for 1/2 hour and then won't also sleep until she is in the big bed. I know it is not her teeth because if she is in the big bed, she goes out like a light. I also don't know what to do? I also don't want to start night feeds (especially at almost a year old). My sister's did the same. Apparently, it's an attachment thing. I don't know?
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