Hi Kroons smile

Lachie used to be like that - it was like he was waiting for me to come into his room because everytime I did he'd sit straight up and start crying. I used to have lunch when he had his sleep in the middle of the day and if I put something in the microwave he would wake up crying - and his room wasn't anywhere near the kitchen. I never tiptoed around or went out of my way to be really quiet, but he always seemed to wake at the drop of a hat. Lily seems to be a lot better that way - I guess she's had to get used to sleeping with a noisy toddler running around. I know some people put a radio in their baby's room and put it between stations iykwim, so there is constant "white noise" so any other noise doesn't seem so harsh. I hate it when when we've been at someone's house and they've just had a nap and need a proper sleep, or if they fall asleep on the way home when they are due for a sleep and wake up when you get home thinking they've slept enough - Lachie and Lily both do that. If that happens I don't worry about putting them to bed straight away, but I try to keep them relaxed if possible and when they start rubbing their eyes I know I won't have too much of a battle getting them to bed. I can't remember when Lachie started going into deeper sleeps, but he eventually did.

Take care