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My 6 month old is waking every 2 hours and i end up giving in and putting him in bed with me Lock Rss

My 6 month old is waking every 2 hours and for my own sanity i end up giving in to him and putting him in bed with me just so i can get a few hours sleep. I know how bad this is and that i'm creating a monster but what can i do, i have tryed settling him in his cot and just leabing him in there awake to settle himself but nothing seems to work, I am exhuasted and need something to help. hopefully someone out there has some helpful advice???
Hello, Sorry your not getting your sleep, but if putting him in bed with you is helping you get some sleep then that's fine. There are quite a few things on the market you can buy to put him in if he sleeps in the bed with you. Also have you tried putting him in his cot when he's really tired, not while he's awake.
I have recently bought one of those light shows for my DS and I only put it on when its time to sleep through the night. It puts a rotating light show on the ceiling he watches this for a little while then drifts off.
Also perhaps your DS may be cold or hot, some mums on here have started to put a special little toy in with their bubs.
My first DD slept with me until she was about three. Sorry not what you want to hear, but it was the only thing I could do to get sleep. One night I made her sleep in her own bed only to find the next morning she was asleep on the floor at the end of the bed. lol.

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Posted by: elyser7896
I know how bad this is and that i'm creating a monster but what can i do, i have tryed settling him in his cot and just leabing him in there awake to settle himself but nothing seems to work, I am exhuasted and need something to help.

And bringing him into bed with you is bad why? I am one of those mums who used to do as she was told, instead of doing what was best for us and our family. DS1 had CC from 6 months and if I knew then what I know now about it, I never would have agreed to start it. DS2 was in our bed from birth to 9 weeks, and again during the 4 month growth spurt. He has been appalling the last few weeks with sleeping, but now refuses to sleep in bed with us and is not happy until put back in his cot so we have the opposite problem in that we spend alot of time awake tending to him (not that I mind doing it). He started sleeping through at 7 months (only lasted 3 weeks though) with no "training" from us and no tears. He used to have to be fed/rocked to sleep and he also doesn't do this all that often anymore. If it works for you, and you are happy to, then do it, IF this creates issues later then you can deal with them then and for us, as you can see, it has really been a non-issue.

They are due a growth spurt at around 6 months, so it could be that, or teething or any number of things. My motto this time round is " the path of least resistance" and I am all for anything that creates less work for me now...........and if there are consequences to that then I can deal with them when they arise, which is liable to be much later, but I get the benefit now iyswim? There seems to be this expectation that babies should be able to settle themselves, but in fact the part of their brain that is responsible for this is not fully developed until they are 2.5-3 years old. Alex can settle himself, but I don't just assume that because he's done it before that he can, or is indeed willing to, do it every time.

So I guess what I am trying to say, in a really long winded way is that if bringing him into bed with you gets you both some sleep, and you're happy to do it, then just do it. I'm sure others will disagree, or agree, as the case may be, but at the end of the day he is your baby and you have to do what works for you, not what some stranger says you "should" be doing.



Yeah, what you just said. LOL I know I shouldn't, but I feel so bad for "depriving" DS1. But I suppose you live and learn eh?

Ha Kazza yeah i have tryed putting him in when he is really tired and even most nights i nurse him to sleep and then put him in his cot whilst he is asleep but he only stays asleep for about 2-3 hours and then he wakes up, i have tryed just settling him in his cot, putting the dummy back in or giving him a littl feed if he seems hungry but there is no way he will fall back asleep and i end up going crazy and putting him in bed with me, even then he will take 2 hours or so to go back to sleep and by this stage i am going crazy and am really tired. My partner is away alot also with the navy so i don't have him as a back up to say " here you take him and settle him for a while"
I don't really think he is too hot or too cold evither i have got our room at the right temp, and yes he does sleep with a special toy that he has had since he was 1 week old.
i would take him to a chiropractor. PM me if you would like more information!
Hi there gypsy crown, he is teething he has been since he was 5 weeks and already has 3 teeth but i am giving him bojella and teething relief so i don't think it's that. He sleeps in his own cot of a day fine and sleeps for a couple of hours then but of a night in the porta cot we have set up in our room he will only sleep for about and hour or so and then he wants to be in bed with me. I end up taking him into the spare bedroom at the other end of the house so we don't disturb my other half and wake him up.
Hay your probably right about the porta cot issue with it being very comfortable, i got him to sleep all night in his own room in his own cot last night using the controlled comforting and self settling technique i got off this web site, and tonight he only took about 5 mins to put himself to sleep, so fingers crossed this will continue.
my 8.5 month old is exactly the same. he slept through from 6 weeks to 4 months, and since then has only slept through one night.

we try for bed at 8.00pm, and tonight he's finally gone to sleep now at 9.30pm. he sleeps for about half an hour to an hour, then starts waking up every two hours after that. most nights from about 2.00am onwards he gets so upset that he screams hysterically (it's not night terrors, he's wide awake rolling over or trying to pull himself up out of his cot) untill he's almost choking and i pick him up, but the only way to re-settle him after that is to go into our bed. he does sleep better and generally longer in our bed, but i don't.

i've made sure he's not cold, but also not too hot. i made sure the room was dark and quiet. that didn't work so i let a little light in, didn't make a difference. put a ticking clock in there. then put the exhaust fan on in the bathroom (next to his room). then putting a radio on near his door. this one worked for about 5 hours on one night and never again! he has his teething gel and nurofen when he's sick or teething, but i don't want to give them that often so that he relies on them to sleep.

he has the same routine every night; pyjamas, sleeping bag, bottle, book, quiet time with the light off, mummy and daddy saying good night and sleep tight, then put into bed while sleepy, but not quiet asleep. if he's asleep, then he wakes in 5 mins crying. if he's wide awake he will scream for hours and not settle.

he has 3 bottles during the day, 3 solid feeds, and snacks like bread crusts or sticks of boiled carrot or rusks.

he also likes to sleep on his side, but continually rolls on to his belly and can't roll back (during the day he can though) and cries for me to fix him.

he has a little light thing on the side of his cot that plays music and plays things on the roof for him to watch for 10 mins then it goes off, and that will get him to sleep about once a night, but not work the next time he wakes up.

it is driving me crazy!!! i need more sleep, but can't get it during the day, as he has 3 naps, but they are normally about 30mins, 45 mins if i'm lucky.

i spoke to my health nurse at his 8 month visit, and the only other suggestion she has was to go to tweddle (sleep clinic) for a day thing and see what they say.

if there are any more suggestions i am willing to try anything!!!!!!

Hi Ruth, thanks for your help!

Yes he is in his own room, has been since 6 months. He went into his cot at 3 months, still in our room, and he started off fine for a few weeks, then it changed.

I've seen his MCHN and GP about it, but neither has suggested food intolerances/allergies, how would they determine that with a baby?

I don't want to stop him from moving around, as he quite happily sleeps on his side and on his back during the night, i don't want to just keep him in the same position, also, we are trying to change the shape of his head, as he's flattened it on one side.

I'm not sure if this is related, but he will not have his daytime naps in his cot either, he will scream for ages, then i'll pick him up and he'll fall asleep in my arms or in his rocker.

I dont think its a bad thing at all and you're not creating a monster! We've been co-sleeping with our son since he was 5 months old. before this he would wake 3 times at night - the first night he slept with us was the first night we all had a full night's sleep. If that's what it takes to keep your sanity then do it dont feel guilty -there's been a lot of research into how beneficial co-sleeping is for babies!


Hi everyone well we had a break through a little while ago i just havn't been able to get to the computer for some time, i got this reallt good article of this web site, huggies and i got some notes on sleeping and controlled comforting and self settling and with in 2 nights he was in his own beautiful cot in his own room and went to sleep by himself, i just stand with him and pat him till he is calm then walk away and he goes to sleep, don't get me wrong we have had a couple of bad nights and after getting it really perfect he fell ill and we both ended up in hospital for 4 days with a horrible virus with high temperatures and on the drip, it was horrible to see him like that, so because he was so sick of course he wanted me all the time and i ended up sleeping with him in a fold out bed for a few days but the first night we were home he went strait back to sllep in his own bed, so i just hope we can continue to go well with his sleeping.
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