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Routines Lock Rss

Hi Everyone i though it might be helpful for everyone to see what routines people have for their little ones at differnent ages.
My little one is 5 months and has been on this routine since 3 months. I am looking at slowly getting rid of her afternoon cat nap and introducing solids for dinner and dropping her late afternoon bottle when she turns 6 months.

7am wake Bottle of 200mls
8am Solids friut and rice cereal
9am sleep for 2 hrs
11am Wake get dressed for the day
11.15am bottle of 150mls
12.15pm solids veges and rice cereal
1pm sleep for 2 hrs
3pm Bottle 200mls
5pm sleep for 45 mins
6pm Bath
6.30pm Bottle 200mls
7pm Bed

Looking forward to seeing some others routines.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Your routine is pretty good I think. Its quite interesting seeing the difference between my breast fed DD's routine at that age and a bottle fe baby. At the moment DD is doing a two by two routine. Two ours up (wake between 7-8am), two hours nap, two ours up, two hours nap and usually in bed by about 7pm. She has two feeds a night STILL !!! I am hoping she is going to grow out of that in the coming months. I hope she will start to self wean leading upto 12 months, although I'm happy to give her a morning and night feed after that. We will see though, that stuff is all new to me !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Natasha,
Wow, your routine is almost exactly the same as mine! Just wish sometimes mine would sleep a little longer through the day. He varies anyware between 1/2 hour - 2 hour naps.

Hi All,

It is really interesting to read all your different routines.

Natasha - my rountine is similar to yours in the day, however, my little man still wakes up every night.

Mitchell will have a final feed about 8pm and be in bed by 8.30pm. But the little munchkin is up at 3am every morning. He does not require a feed as I put his dummy back in and rewrap him and he's asleep before I leave his room. So, he mustn't be hungry.

But any ideas on how to stop this mini-wake up in the night?

Usually when I go in his eyes aren't even open. I've tried to leave him to self settle, but this doesn't work as he generally wakes himself up and gradually gets more upset. At the moment, when I hear him, it's a quick 10 seconds and he's back asleep - but alas, mum is awake for the next hour....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers! :|

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