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Sleep aerobics Lock Rss

If my beautiful little girl is going to be an aerobics instructor! At night she throws every limb in every direction. She arches, she curls and SHE KEEPS ME AWAKE! She herself however is still sort of asleep. I have tried to ignore it but the only way to settle her is to give her a cuddle and a rock and put her back in her craddle. Although I do love my cuddles with her, 3 4 5 6 in the morning is not a good time for me. She will sleep for about 1/2 hr then start all over again. I have propped her mattress up so she is not laying flat. I have tried topping her up thinking this may help but she is not really hungry or interested. I wrap her in a muslin sheet at night (which she somehow wiggles out of). She does not take a dummy. She still sleeps in her craddle next to my bed but I want to move her to her cot within the next month. But I am a bit concerned that there is something wrong with her and if she is in her own room will she be ok. Any suggestions?????

Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe

Hehe. My DD is 4 months today. She doesn't roll over yet but she has recently discovered how to wriggle around in circles. I put her to bed last night in one direction and when she woke at 4am she was 180 degrees, I put her back to bed in one direction and again this morning she was 180 degrees. Also when I put her down nowdays she puls he legs up and grabs a foot and wriggles alot before she settles down. Once I found her on an angle with one leg out the cot. smile

I don't have the same problem as my DD has always slept in her cot in her room from the day she came home so it doesn't wake me. I did however, start turning the monitor right down as every little snuffle was waking me up in the night. I would have got no sleep if she was next to me tongue
My 9 month old still does this although now he doesnt just wriggle his sits up crawls around and stands and jumps around hiis cot, until he eventually falls asleep somewhere in his cot usually on him tummy with his legs tucked under him and his bum up in the air. LOL i used to worry but figured that if he could get there then he could get back if he needed to or cry til someone comes into him.
Im sure you girl is just trying to get comfortable, she might even sleep better in her own room she may be a light sleeper and hear you and your partner whilst you are sleeping moving around and stuff and if she hears noises and stuff she might move around more if that makes any sense. i hope i was some help although im sure you didnt want to hear that it only gets worse the more mobile they get.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

I just chuckled at your post as I read through it! My baby is nearly 4 months and does precisely the same thing. She is in her own room but I can hear her and have watched her performing some crazy movements in her sleep! I read somewhere that babies spend at least 50% of sleep in opposed to adults who spend less than 25% in this dream sleep. Maybe our babies are dreaming of gymnastics and aerobics...LOL! I guess if they wake up happy and look well, it's no problem for them! I guarantee that you'll sleep a lot better once your baby girl is in her own room. She'll be fine...exercised...and you'll hopefully get a bit of shut eye!!! smile

Tamsyn, Melbourne, Morgan 6.9.05

My bubs too is a wriggler. At about 6 weeks i moved him into his own room and had the montior on. But like Carline, even this got too loud and so the monitor went off and i hear through the door instead. Its the only way to sleep. It seems they wriggle no matter what and as long as they are not going to wriggle out of there beds and do themselves harm, i would try there own room with a monitor to start. I assume she is well winded which can cause a little extra movement.

I also use a safety sleep which prevents baby from rolling and have been recomended to put a safety pin through bubs nightwear and safety sleep to prevent up and down movement.

i hope you get a good nights sleep soon


kiwi, 12/10/05

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