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Illness disrupted routine Lock Rss

Please help. My 10mth old was great at sleeping through the night until 2mths ago when she got a throat infection. Three weeks later she got tonsilitis and has had a stuffy and constantly runny nose ever since. She has become so restless through the night, she wakes up the second she spits her dummy as she can't breath through her nose and I don't know what I can do to help her. I have the vapouriser going, the doctor told me to give her 'Phenergan' and I even use Narium(salene)drops in her nose, to no avail. She's teething which makes matters worse and I am going insane through lack of sleep AND frustration! Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hi Leigh. My 91/2 month old was the same, catching 3 colds plus teething total of 10 weeks disruption. After all that is over ( yes endure all that first) I started to get her REALLY tired during the day, doing lots of NEW things like going to peoples houses to play etc. She started to wake only once or twice compared to waking every hour while she was sick. WHich was a big improvement for me! Hope that helps!
hi leigh
hope by the time you read this your baby is sleeping better.
use the saline drops for the nose and after a couple of minutes use the nose suction.
it does help the baby to breath easier and its best given before they eat.
i've been using the suction since she was a baby and now she sits still when i use it to clean her nose.
you will notice that your baby will feel alot better with a clear nose.
i use FESS nasal saline solution spray.
good luck

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi Mary,
Thankyou for the suggestion. I have never heard of a suction for the nose! What exactly is it and do i just get it from the chemist? It sounds like a possible solution, as I'm sure it's only her nose that is keeping her awake. Is it safe to use a few times a day?
Ditto. What is this suction thing? I have never heard of it and no one has suggested anything like it. We could probably do with it. Can you tell us where you got yours from please?
I think the suction thing Mary mentioned may be a nasal aspirator, which are a little hard to find, but your chemist or baby store should be able to order you one in. They are only about $3 - $4. It is basically the same thing they suction mucous out of a newborns mouth and nose with. Its like a little plastic tube with a bulb type thing on the end. You squeeze the bulb, insert it in the nose, release pressure on the bulb and it should suck out the mucous. Be warned - a newborn or young baby will probably be quite happy to let you do ths. A writhing 6 month old will probably give you some trouble. My daughter would see my coming with it from about this age and there was no way possible to use it. I would thoroughly recommend having one on hand though.

Rachel, SA, mum to Ella 11mths

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