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Babies that sleep thru from an early age - formula fed only??? Lock Rss

I am wondering if babies that sleep through the night from an early age are formula fed or have formula just before bedtime? Or does this happen to breast fed babies too? If so, WHAT'S YOUR SECRET?!?!?!?!?!?!

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

lochie was breastfeed up until he was 9 months. he slept 30min sleeps during the day and woke up at least 2-3 times a night, sometimes 4. when i weaned him onto formula he started sleeping through and having 2 hour sleeps? so whether lochie was never getting enough from me i'm not sure, or a coincidence who knows but i dont think there is a secret, some babies just sleep through from an early age formula or olds your lil one? are you having trouble with sleeping?


2 yrs

My daughter was sleeping through the night when she was 6 weeks old. Before that she was only waking once during the night. She has been formula feed from the beginning. As for my secret can't help you their i am just lucky i have such a good baby who loves her sleep like her Mummy and Daddy smile

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Megan is nearly 8 months old. She's breastfed and is on 3 solids meals a day. She actually sleeps really well (1.5 hours in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon, usually only one wake up at night), but I'm dying for regular sleep throughs. She's done it before. She even did it for 3 weeks straight when she was 5 months old.

I just had a thought about the whole formula thing and wondered if it made much difference (not that I'd wean). It seems to in some cases (where the baby is breastfed first up and then formula fed and this coincides with sleeping thru), but in other cases it doesn't matter (ie formula fed babies who don't sleep thru or breast fed babies that do sleep thru). Hmmm. There's just no patterns with these little darlings, are there.

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

Hi my daughter is nearly 5 months old. She was bfeed only until 4 mths when I started giving her 1 bottle of formula after a b-feed at bedtime. I started giving her the formula because she had started waking every 3 hours again at night and wanting to feed (after 'sleeping through till 4). Now she sleeps from 8 to around 4-5. It works for us, but all babies are different.

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

My little man was breastfed until he was 9 weeks old but around 4-5 weeks was "sleeping through". I say it like that coz sleep 2-3 hours early evening then wake between 10-11 for a feed then sleep through most nights until 5-7am. We weren't on a routine but were roughly feeding every 3-4 hours during the day with the feeds getting closer together towards the end of the day. We started a routine at 9 weeks and also started bottle feeding. So from then to now he goes to bed around 7:30pm, dreamfeed at 10:30pm and wakes around 6-7am. The only difference i found with formula is he started going to bed earlier but then again I was also understanding him a lot more.
Hi Carra

My first baby slept through from about 9 weeks old. He was breastfed, however up until he was about 7 weeks old I used to give him comp feeds of formula and funnily enough he started sleeping through when I went back to exclusively breastfeeding.

My second baby was exclusively breastfed - no formula at all - and she started sleeping through at 4 weeks old. She started waking 2-3 times a night again at 6 months when I introduced solids. She's now 9 months old and sleeps through most nights.

My neice who is 10 weeks younger than my daughter is breastfed - solids introduced at 6 months - has only slept through the night a handful of times. She's a lot bigger than my daughter too, my 2 were always slow to gain weight.

I know heaps of formula fed babies who haven't slept through from an early age - some of them had solids introduced from 6 weeks and it made no difference.

I don't think there is any secret - like you said, they are all different.

Take care
hi there,

my 2nd daughter slept through the night (7pm to 5:30am) from 5 weeks and she was exclusivly breastfed! and in cloth nappies!! i dont think it was anything i did she was just a really happy settled bub, my first didnt sleep through till she was put on formula at about 3 months, but both girls generally slept through from then on


Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

My first child wasn't getting enough milk from me so she was put on formula at 4 weeks and slept through at about 6 weeks of age. My second daughter starting having formula at 8 weeks and has slept through the night since. I know there is positives and negatives to breast and bottle but I have found this to be one great positive of formula feeding.

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

Indigo USED to be a great sleeper.
From day one she would only wake once a night, And was sleeping through just before 6 weeks. She was exclusively BF.
Now she is going to bed at night whenever I can get her to sleep and wakes at 5 am regardless. Go figure. Maybe your baby will be a good sleeper later on!!!

Carrie and Indigo smile
I fed my little guy both breast milk and formula. Speaking to some of my friends and from my own experience giving a formulas feed at night sustained bubs for longer but also the trick is to give them all or most of there feed in the day. I am now exclusivly formula feeding and my babay has slept through since 6 weeks. He feeds 5x per day ( i wake him for his last feed at 1030pm)He is 3 months old. Is you baby waking at night extremly hungry or does it seem a habit. If hungry, are they really hungry at the morning feed. If they are then the bubs needs more milk if they dont seem hungry at the morning feed perhpas give less feed in the night with some water top up? that way they might be really hungry at the morning feed which is what you want. Eventually they will drop the middle of the night feeds. Just a thought. Good luck

kiwi, 12/10/05

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