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plz help me i have a gawjus 2 month olg baby girl who was 4 weeks prem, my hubby and i love being parents but since his been back at work shes started 2 scream all day ad im trying my best 2 make her happy but she is still doing it and its getting to to stsge where i have no time 4 myself or any time do do anything around the house or even go out 4 thtat matter i just feel tired and down and i just want her 2 b happy i jusy feel its gunna send me insane its harder as im a young mum and all my family live overseas i just need some advice and sum1 2 talk 2 plz help me!!!!!!!! aqm i doing something wrong!!!!!!! x
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Hey there...
Hang in there, it is so hard listening to your baby cry and not being able to 'fix' the problem.. You wont be doing anything wrong.. It is really hard beng a first time Mum!! My daughter is 9 months old and I still feel like I'm learning..
Why do you think she is crying all day...?? Is she getting enough food?? Maybe overtiredness??
yea she has enuff food and im forewver wrapping her up nice and snug or putting her in her power swing asnd lotscof hugs i fink maybe il take her out 4 a walk today i need it to. x

Do you think that you baby might have wind. My DS had really bad wind for a while. I gave him Infants Friend from the chemist and I could see the difference in a coulpe of days.I would try extra hard to burp him. Rubbing their tummy clockwise also helps then lifting their legs up to their tummy helps to release trapped wind.

I found out that it was wind when I watched the Dunston Baby Language DVD and he was making the noises at the same time. When he was older I swapped to Infacol but that made his reflux worse.

Do yo have a carrier or a sling.You may be able to get more done if you use one. I know how to make one for under $10. PM me if you want to know how.

When yor husband is home leave bub with him and take some time out.Having a long shower is a good way. Also sometimes getting out of the house helps too.

Good Luck

thankyou sandy

yea she has wind n we were giving her the drops aswell it did help 4 a while she had a very bad nite last nite which uis y she is so groggy today. im looking forward 2 relaxing 2nite.
ok sandy i would like to kno how il pm u.

I can really feel your pain as I am sure alot of other mums do. My boy was the same for a few weeks. I kept calling the health nurses or the midwives from the hospital and used a little bit of everyones advice. I am a first time mum as well and sometimes I felt that I was so unsure about what to do that I made it worse. I changed my diet and omitted dairy which was really hard for me, expressed some foremilk before I fed, gave baths, rubbed his belly, gave him different wind medicines and various other things. It was hard but I kept on praying that the time would come when he would grow out of it. He eventually did. It was very hard though as they are all individuals and not one thing works for any one person. Chin up and hang in there, I never thought so at the time but is was all worth it in the end. Maybe give her to your husband when he gets home and go out for a quick walk. I can really recommend the child health nurses though, they even had a day stay clinic here where you can go to and stay during the day and they will help you with settling.
hi there

would you mind editing your post and taking out some of the exclamation marks because every time i go into this section of the forum the page is stretched out and i think that may be the cause.
Thank you
there is a thing called silent reflux. It causes lots of pain but no vomiting like the normal one. I would check with a health nurse if I was you with that much screaming esp as you are keeping her snug and fed nicely.

All the best parenting isn't easy I have done it 4 times.

Hi, how are you going?

My daughter was also 4 weeks prem. She was crying most times and we get average 2 hr sleep every night for the first 8.5 mths for her life. We had problem with breastfeeding for 1st month. I was told most prem would have more difficulty with the sucking motion. I can see the difference having a prem and full term. But she caught up soon enough.

I would check with the Dr or nurse, just to rule out ear infection, tummy ache, rashes etc. If it's not due to any medical issues. I would suggest warm bath, and massage baby. I find massaging baby helps with the wind in the tummy too. For premmies keep her close to you. Seem to need lots of contact time. She's still very very young and being 4weeks early she's actually 1 month old.

Like one of the Mum suggested try one of those baby sling.

But also don't underestimate her she might be a preemie but at 2 months old she might be trying to turn over and that might be frustrating time. Mine walked before she was 10mth. She's been an active baby even from newborn. Her arms and legs were in constant motion. Your little one might be an active one. Sounds like she's feisty too like mine.

Try not to pack your days with too much tasks. You've just delivered a baby. Your usual routine should be cut down until baby is a little older. You'll find that when baby turn 6 mths she'll be better.
Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know about a few other areas of our site where you can also find some extra info.

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Best of luck, and please let us know how you are getting along <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]
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