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What methods do you use when not using controlled crying? Lock Rss

Bare with me. Its going to be long.

My 11 month and 3 weeks old son has been waking up 2-3 times a night. When he was 6mth old, used the sleep settling technique suggested on this website and it worked so well. He slept through for about 5 weeks then gradually started waking up and now he is really screaming at night when we don't pick him up at night.

This is what our routine is.

His initial bed time sleep routine is go to our room, breastfeed, read book and switch all lights off everyone goes quite including my 4 yr old girl. DH and DD stays out of sight just so I can carry him to his room with any distraction. He cuddle him while standing beside his bed, he goes a little limp and heavy but eyes still open and I gently put him down. He rolls on his tummy I put the blanket over and I quietly step out of the room. He goes off to sleep.

This part of the sleep routine we have no problem with. He doesn't require any patting. But during the late nights waking these are the hard ones.

For 2 nights, I've tried co-sleeping with him when he wakes up but he ends up not going to sleep but be squirming and the occasional chuckle, for 1.5 hrs until I breastfed him then decides to sleep.

Last night was our 1st night of sleep settling. What am I doing wrong? But I want to know also, what do other Mums do if you don't use any form of control crying/sleep settling technique?

Bless you, sounds like my house. LOL Seriously though, he goes down fine first thing, but then we are usually up to him at least once in the night. It is made all the more frustrating knowing that he slept through the night (11+ hours) from 7 months for three weeks so we know he can do it.

To answer your question though, because I refuse to do CC(even if I think dad would), is I do whatever works at the time (my parenting mantra this time), which is usually a bf. LOL Sometimes all he wants is a cuddle, but he won't have it in his room, he has to have it in our bed but after about 10 minutes he is squirming and whinging and you have to put him back in his's annoying as it's so cold in the house and he has a heater on in his room. LOL I do it though, mainly because I love him and also because I want him to know that I will be there for him for as long as he needs, day and night, not just "9-5" iykwim?

He slept from 7:30-5:45 last night...hooray, but don't expect it to last. LOL So I'm sorry, probably not much help there but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.


im having similar issues with my 14.5 month DD...she has never been a good sleeper, we've tried CC a few times and if anything it makes her more insecure and she wont even let us take her near the cot, letalone put her to bed in it!

The issue im having at the moment is my DD normally goes to sleep at about 7.30, falling asleep in my arms drinking her bottle (she has done this for along time and we've tried and tried to stop it but i ended up saying if it gets her to sleep i really dont cre,i will do it!)
Anyway, for the past 4 nights she has been waking 1-2 hrs later and decides she doesnt want to go back to sleep for 2-3 hrs, then she'l wake 1-2 more times and get up at 8.30 - she never has a bottle so its not hunger thats waking her!

My big problem at the moment is if i lay with her in bed or on the lounge, she squirms and wants to play, if i put her in her cot she tries to climb out (new thing shes done tonight) we are in the process of getting a single bed, its on order, but im worried about when we get that - how do i keep her in the bed? At least in the cot, she cantget out (almost can but not quite big enough yet, altho she almost got out tonight)
im really at my wits end and dont know what else to do...CC does not work for her at all and i dont know any other methods!

Please help ladies..


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