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My 8 1/2th mth old boy is begining to put up such a fight to go to sleep at night. (though it is now starting during the day)
He generally wakes up at 7 - 7.30 and is ready for his morning sleep within 1 1/2 - 2 hours (it is the same routine everyday), then his next sleep is usually 2 hours later, his next is 3 hours later and down for the night anywhere between 9 - 11pm!!
We have tried everything to get him down at a regular bedtime, however the only way we can get him to sleep is to leave him in his cot, until he cries and then we can cuddle him to sleep.
I am so worried that we are doing something wrong, which is making him not want too sleep...
Is it because he is at the age that he has to much to do to go to sleep? will he grow out of it? It is starting to drive us crazy!

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Hi, I can imagine the strain on you and your
8 1/2mth old..You are not doing anything wrong!!I'm not sure what you can haven't mentioned your eating he on solids, formula/breast 8 1/2mth old is on 4 bottles of formula and 3 solids daily. He usually sleeps approx 1 1/2 - 2hrs after his bottle and lunch /brekky... During ther day he may or may not sleep, perhaps you can try this, if you haven't tried this. Your son, might tire himself during the day by not sleeping that by night time he may want to sleep. Have you tried giving him a bath before his last bottle?? Try the 6.30 - 7.00 bath / bottle! Hopefully you will get some other useful suggestions. Good luck
Hi Emily, I think this is quite common at this age as apparently come 9 months or ther abouts, babies can keep themselves awake if they think there is something interesting going on. Usually the family is all home and watching tv or talking and bubs wants to be in on the action. I find that it sometimes helps if I take Ezrah to his room and give him his last feed there. It's not fool proof but it's made a small difference.

Good luck.
Hi thanks for your replies, we tried to cut him down to only 2 sleeps a day instead 3 and he slept the whole night through yay!! We are going to keep at itso hopefully it will work out....

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

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