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Having trouble going off to sleep in day now bubs is more mobile. Lock Rss

Hi all. Please have a read of my story & if anyone can offer any suggestions it would be appreciated.
My baby girl Jordan is 5&1/2 months old and for the past month or so I have had her in a good routine for settling herself to sleep during the day. It took me a couple of weeks when I decided to stop rocking her to sleep & got to the stage where it would only take her 2-10 mins to get off to sleep without me in the room. She uses a dummy & has stopped being wrapped & she also likes to have a security blanket. Unfortunately the past couple of weeks Jordan has been more active in bed. i.e. rolling around & basically doing "gymnastics" in bed no matter how tired she is. So I am back to the drawing board of teaching her again to put herself to sleep. She rolls herself on her tummy, her side etc & can't seem to settle herself. I help by putting her on her back everytime I go in, tucking her in & comforting her. Sometimes this is taking an hour & doesn't look like any change soon. She is ok at night when I finally get her off to sleep aroun 7.30-8.30pm, wakes up for a feed at around midnight & then sleeps till around 6-7.30. I am still breastfeeding & have just started with solids. I darken her room for the day, she doesn't have wind etc. Thanks in advance.


Hi Jos,

I think we have the same

My boy sleeps himself at night, but wont during the day.. he keeps rolling over and standing in his cot and wont settle himself.. I, like you, have to go in and keep putting him back to sleep which sometimes does take an hour or so which doesnt leave much time for anything else...

If you find a solution, let me know...

In the meantime... good luck and enjoy your baby!!


Brodie's mama, NT

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