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Routines Lock Rss


My baby is 13 weeks old and so far I haven't really had any set routine but am starting to think maybe I should but I don't know how to go about it.

Can any of you tell me your routines? And how you got your baby's into those routines?

I look forward to your posts...

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Debs,
It's a great idea to get baby into a routine. Not only is it beneficial to them but to you...for your sanity!! My 8 1/2 mth old has been in a routine since birth...not everyday has worked out as there have been unpredictable moments but on the whole it is successful...just bear in mind you need to be flexible...This is what has worked for out how many feeds per day and make sure your baby is fed approx at certain times..e.g we had routine of milk, play, baby was fed every 3 hours 5 times a day..He is now on 4 feeds per our day starts off at 7am with milk, 8.30 brekky, 9ish sleep, 11 milk, 12.30pm lunch, 3 milk, 5.00ish dinner, 6.30 bath, 7pm milk and bed....
It's trial and error at first but with persistence it has tremendous benefits. Hope this helps!
Hi there.
My 5 & 1/2 month old baby girl has been in a "flexible" routine for about 2 or so months. We start our day around 7.30am (kind of have to with 2 other school age kids). Jordan has a breast feed & goes down for sleep around 9am for approx 1 - 1.15 which gives me a chance to get myself ready for the day. Then its breakfast, play, walk & a top up BF around 12-12.30 & sleep varies from 1 & 1/2 hr to 2 & 1/2 hrs. Then its lunch (arvo tea) & play, pick up other kids etc, BF & sleep around 4.30 - 5.30ish. Then its bath, BF, snack if she wants & bed around 7.30-8pm until 11.30ish then she gets up for a top up & sleeps till 6am, feeds & naps till 7.30am. So basically Jordan is on 5 BF a day & 2 meals & maybe a snack or two. I don't know where she puts the food as she is quite dainty. We kind of fell into this routine by taking each day as it comes & I started to write meals, sleep, play etc down for about a week & realised that we had a "routine" of sorts. It does vary & sometimes is out by an hour or 2. I have mainly went with what Jordan was telling me & what she picked up from me & we worked it out together & basically told everyone else this was how it was & what they needed to do to not try & upset our routine too much as Jordan & I spend the most time together out of a day on our own before the family get home. We are very flexible & I think this is the key. So what if her sleep is out a bit & she is having breakfast at lunch time, as long as we are happy thats the main thing. Hope this helps. If you want to chat please email me on [email protected] Cheers & sorry about being long winded I just realised the time & am nodding off!


This weeks I have started a routine ... I realised Rory was sort of making his own routine so I've pretty much just stuck with that and it seems to be working. I don't have set times for Rory to go to sleep - I just make sure I feed him at the same times every day and watch for his tired signs in between feeds and that's when he sleeps.

So now I'm feeding him 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm then whatever time he wakes during the night which betwen 2.30-4am. After his 4pm feed I bath him and keep him up till his 7pm feed then straight to bed, wake him for 10pm feed then straight back to bed again - it means I get quite a good sleep also!

Thanks for your comments

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Debs,

My little boy is 16 weeks old and I am also trying to start a routine with him.

I was just wondering if you could tell me how you keep Rory up until 7pm -as I feel like if I could just keep Zac up a bit later then he might sleep longer at night (he currently is still waking twice at around 2am & 5am!) At the moment I bath him around 5.30pm and he is so grizzly that I have to put him down to sleep and he crashes in minutes- Also do you wake Rory if he is asleep at one of his feed times?? -

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated towards a better nights sleep!!!

I have had Liana in a routine for around two months now. I found the routine in Practical Parenting Mag. It's basically teaches them to sleep 7pm-7am. and the day routine is great and I found she settled really well into it. This is how it goes.

7am, wake and feed play
9am, put baby in cot wrapped and on her back awake (sleep)
11am, wake (if not already) feed play
1pm, put baby in cot wrapped and on her back awake (sleep)
3pm, wake (if not already) feed play
4.30pm try a little nap for no longer than 40 mins (recharge) only.
5.30, bath
6.30 feed and only light play (quietly)
7pm, put baby in cot wrapped and on her back awake (sleep)
10.30pm, dream feed ( feed baby whilst asleep trying not to wake her)

If you need more info on the routine or others you can go to this site or see if you can grab a copy of the PP mag November 2003.


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Milkshop

How's the routine going? It was going quite well for me but over the last few days I've been having a few troubles.

Firstly in answer to your question about how I keep Rory awake between his 4pm and 7pm feed - I used to bath him about 5.30 then either put him on his playgym mat or in the bouncer and have him in the kitchen with me while I cooked and ate dinner ... BUT (here's my first trouble) ... that hasn't been working quite so well lately - he seems to want to have a little sleep between 6pm and 7pm. If I don't put him down for that sleep he is really grizzly so it's just easier to let him sleep.

The other problem I've been having sounds very similar to you ... Rory is still waking during the night somewhere between 2am and 4am for a feed and then no matter what time his early morning feed is he still wakes around 5.30am! So even if he has had a feed at 4am, he will still wake again at 5.30am ... but he's not hungry so I've been trying to get him to go back to sleep but he just won't!

In answer to your other question as to whether I wake Rory for his feeds - no I don't. I don't find I need to - he is normally awake at these times so it works out well. Sometimes he may be out by 1/2 an hour or so but that doesn't worry me. I do wake him for his 10pm feed but it is a "business only" feed and he barely wakes then goes back to sleep very quickly.

One more suggestion (I haven't actually tried this yet so don't know if it works) - have you tried giving Zak any solid food (like Farex Baby Rice) after his last feed at night? Apparently that may help him to stay asleep a bit longer and maybe miss the 2am feed? Worth a try I say ... I'm just waiting till Rory is 4 months which is next week.

Anyway I've babbled on enough - sorry it's a bit of a long read. Hope you're having more luck than I am on this one.

Good luck ... smile

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

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