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Wrapping Lock Rss

Hello mums and dads
My daughter is nearly 6 mths old and I still need to wrap her to get her to sleep. This seems to be woking at the moment, cross fingers. Although she can still sometimes take a good 10 mins or more to settle her with a dummy. Sometimes she will go to sleep by herself.

She has 2 -3 sleeps in the daytime and a fairly good sleep at night. If she wakes in the night I can re settle her with dummy or re wrap her. She feeds b/w 3-5am.

The problem, although I guess not necessarily a problem but want to know how long should I wrap her for?? Will she just stop wanting to be wrapped and settle as well?

When I do stop wrapping her will I have to re do all the work I have done in tring to get her to settle?
Without the wrap she ends up on her tummy and playing with the bars on her cot. Won't settle at all. Sleeping bag won't be as tight, or should i try sleeping bag. Or just kep wrapping her??? ANY advice welcome.
Hi Karen,

I'm in the same boat as you. I've been wrapping Liana (5 months) since birth and when we had a real hot spell (weather) I stopped and she was fine with it. BUT, then I started a sleep routine and I started wrapping her again (three weeks now) Liana was still waking up at around 4-5am but only for her dummy and a re wrapp, so the sleep consultant told me to stop wrapping her and use a sleep bag. She thought she might be cold and that's why she was waking up. I bought a quilted sleepbag from DJ's for $30, not the Grobag the sonsultant recommended. We tried it out and Liana was unsettled for over 30 mis which is not the case when wrapped. So out of frustration I put her back in her normal thick all-in-one and wrapped her. She was asleep in less than two minutes.
So, I'm a bit like you, I'd like to start not wrapping. My Clinic nurse said to not wrap her so tight and she will get used to it eventually. I'll start doing that as soon as she is confident of rolling back onto her back during the night. Try the loose wrap and see how you go


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Karen and Kez

Our nurse advised just to keep wrapping as long as your baby needs it - there's no rush. I stopped wrapping my son at about 4 or 5 months as he was getting out of it himself and it was ending up all around his neck. I started off not wrapping at all but he wouldn't settle without it. So I started leaving one arm out (alternating his free arm each time) then I started wrapping just around his torso and after 2 weeks he wasn't being wrapped at all. As long as they aren't getting caught up in their wraps just keep wrapping - they will let you know when they are ready to sleep without it. When the time comes just wean them off the wrap gradually and they won't even notice. Hope this helps.


Sounds like a great plan.. I might try it and then start using the $30 sleep bag I bought!!!!


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Kez

It worked really well for us - now I'm putting my son in a sleeping bag every night as it's so cold and he kicks his top sheet and blanket off!!!

All the best
Hi Karen,

I still wrap my almost 9 month old. I do only wrap her torso though as oneday when I had her arms wrapped as well she did a lot of wiggling and ended it with the wrap around her head. Scared the hell out of me. I'm going to use my sleeping bags soon and the plan is not to wrap her then, but we will see how she goes. If your baby is happy wrapped, I would keep doing it. I'm sure they will grow out it themselves eventually.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

I'm having the same problems with my 6 month old. He won't settle himself off to sleep unless he's wrapped, even in his pram. I spoke to my hcn today and she said that the only reason they try to get you to stop is that once babies start rolling over onto their tummies they can't get back if they're wrapped. A friend did this with her twins and it was successful. 1st one arm out . 2nd both arms out. Finally just wrap the torso. I'm not sure if this'll work with Liam as he has a dummy to go to sleep and if he doesn't want to go to sleep, he used to fight me all the way heaps better now, but he pulls his dummy out and plays with it, then gets over tired and cranky we go in and wrap him and he's asleep before he's even tucked in.
I've spoken to people who have still been wrapping their littlies at 12 months.
Let me know what works and I may give it a go.
But if you have to keep wrapping, Pumpkin Patch wraps are nice and big or use a flat cot sheet, they're easy for them to get out of also.

member since 2004

Hi guys

My daughter Ava was sooooooooo dependant on her wrap we had to devise all kinds of different wraps as she got older to ensure she couldn't get out of them.
Ava is now 9 months old and we've had terrible problems with her sleeping in the past month, she was waking anywhere up to 12 times per night for her dummy.
I took a visit to our local sleep centre in WA (Ngala) After going through some of Ava's problems with the consultant she advised me to stop wrapping. I was told that at 9 months old Ava was capable of retrieving her own dummy but as her arms were wrapped she was unable to do so and therefore cried for us to go put the dummy in.
My husband and I made the decision to stop wrapping her tho we knew it would be hard.
The first night we tied Ava's dummy to a short piece of ribbion and used a nappy pin to attach it to her PJ's. She screamed and screamed, we kept going into her at regular intervals, not putting the dummy in but showing her where it was. After 1 hour and 40 mins she FINALLY fell asleep. That night was awful, she woke more than 20 times but we persisted with keeping her unwrapped and kept showing her to her dummy.
The following night she fell asleep after 25 mins and only woke once. We were amazed!!!
She's now been out of her wrap for 2 weeks and she's slept right through nine out of those fourteen nights. When she does wake we usually leave her for 10 mins just to see if she'll resettle herself, most times she finds her dummy and goes back off to sleep.
I always believed she'd grow out of it but it just wasn't looking that way. There is no doubt getting rid of the wrap was HARD WORK but it's deffinatley paid off!!!
Hope this helps some of you.
Good luck
Hi Sian,

Thanks for that, I'm always interested to hear when people have gone to a sleep clinic and the advice they are given. I'm about to start settling my 5 mth baby girl without her dummy. I think I might do it on a weekend, then I can catch up on my sleep. I havent started on the loose wrap yet. I'm not sure which one to start first, the wrap or the dummy????

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Thanks for all the info guys. I haven't tried getting her off to sleep without the wrap as yet. I have had my own sleep problems and did not want to add to them at present. Usually when she gets out of her wrap she will wriggle out of out so it is still under the blankets, touch wood it hasn't gone near her head.
I will try the one arm thing from Monday and see how we go. I shall let U know.
Her wrap at the moment is a thin flannelete sheet. But if wrapping cotinues might need a bigger one
I still wrap my little man but only his torso but I must get a sleeping bag which may solve it. When do babys stop kicking off their blankets?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

My son is almost 7 months old and he's still wrapped but only during the day. When I stopped wrapping him and put him in a sleeping bag at night he had no problems. Although he's still in 00 his sleeping bag is a size 0-1 so its quite big and bulky and I'm thinking that maybe he's getting the snuggness of the wrap from it being too big. Fingers crossed that when he grows into it it still won't be a problem as he'll adjust gradually with his growth. I've yet to master the daytime sleeps unwrapped.
I've had people tell me that they wrapped their kids until they were 1. My hcn didn't even think there was anything to be concerned about, I was jsut worried in case he rolled over and couldn't get himself back, but he's only done that once months ago and when he cried I went to him and rolled him over, I think I was more freaked out than he was.
Hope this has helped you or other's in some way.

Liam can't roll in his sleeping bag, its so bulky he can only sleep starfish. We've got one that's got the slot for the seatbelt in case we're out. If you're going to get one make sure its got that just in case you're out and bubs goes to sleep. Its great. We got ours at Myer but most baby shops have them.
Keep smiling.

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