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Changing rooms... Rss

Hi - just thought I'd ask for advice on changing rooms for my 8 month old boy. He has slept in our room (in a portacot) from the time he was born. In the beginning, it was more for convenience as he was breastfed and I had had a c-section with him. Now I feel emotionally ready to put him to sleep in his own room and in his proper cot. But every time I get him to sleep (at this stage he likes to be cuddled to sleep - I know this isn't the best way to go but it works), but when I put him down on the mattress in the cot, he wakes up. When I put him in the portacot, he stirs but rolls over and goes back to sleep. Any ideas of how to get him used to the idea of sleeping in a new cot? Any suggestions greatly appreciated....!
Hi Kerry,

Maybe he is use to the smells of the portacot! Can you put the base into his cot for a couple of nights? Or you could put some cot sheets into the portacot, wait a few days, then use them in the cot. Bubs are amazing with their familiar scents.

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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Hi Kerry

I agree with Tepe and Toni. I moved my son into his own room at about 4 months old. He was still in his bassinette then, and I started off only putting him in there for his day sleeps. After a couple of weeks he slept in there at night as well. Then I gradually started putting him in his cot - then I had to wean him off his wrap tongue !!! By 6 months he was happily sleeping in his cot in his own room with no problem. I guess what I am getting at is that there is no need to rush him, just take it slow. Putting his portacot matress in his cot is a great idea. There's nothing wrong with rocking your baby to sleep, I occasionally do with my son (10 months) and he isn't "spoiled" like some people suggest happens.

All the best
Hi there,

Just a thought... why do you need to put him in a new cot? Cant he use the portacot in the new room?

We use a portacot for our son and we just move it from room to room.. he doesnt have a normal cot.. none of my children did..

As they are smaller than conventional cots too, it gives you more room in the bedroom for moving around in.

I have used a portacot for all three of my kids and they used it till they were ready to go into a bed..

Can you use the portacot instead of the new cot?

Just an idea..

Good luck,

Brodie's mama, NT

Thanks everyone for the replies. I might give the idea of moving the portacot mattress over to the cot. If that doesn't work, then the portacot can go into his bedroom and we'll stick with that. I guess as long as he sleeps, it doesn't matter whether it is in a portacot or a 'normal' cot. Thanks for the advice and the encouragement! It means a lot...!
Hi again,

Isn't it amazing how we get stuck in our ways and thoughts. As soon as i read of that idea about using the portacot as the cot, i thought "of course".

Getting someone elses advice, looking from the outside in, is often the best. I guess it comes down to think outside the square you live in!

Am i making sense??? :~

Best of luck anyway,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

it probably wont fit but if the porta cot fits into the cot he may get used to it easier as its familir

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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