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How do i turn catnaps into sleeps? Lock Rss

Hi all

I am having heaps of trouble with the day time sleeps at the moment.My girl(4 mths) will only ever sleep between 20 mins to an hour(but usually averages 40 mins) during the day. She will only be awake for 1 hour and she is already rubbing her eyes because she never sleeps long enough. I have tried resettling her but once she is awake she is WIDE awake. She is also becoming harder and harder to put to sleep nowadays.I have just stopped wrapping her recently because she was really fighting it and now she wont even take a dummy when shes upset. I really dont know what i can do, she has always been like this since 2 weeks old. Has anyone got any advice or having the same troubles? Thanks
Hi lara,

I had the same trouble when my daughter was 4 months. Her night sleeps were great and the day was a shocker. I started her on a routine I found in the practical parenting mag. It's basically wake and feed at 7am. two hours up and then two hours down. So sleep at 9am, then again at 1pm. Feeding at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6.30pm and then a dream feed at 10.30pm.
When I started this I was amazed at how easy she went down for her sleep at 9am and she slept for the full two hours. How long do you leave in between sleeps? If your daughter isnt taking the dummy.. LEAVE IT!! I'm trying to get mine off it now so she'll sleep through at night (7-7). So if she doesnt want it, I wouldnt give it to her. If you need more info on the article let me know.


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Kerryn
Thanks for your reply. I did try getting her into a routine a while ago but she wouldnt have a bar of it.I maybe will try again since she is getting older.
She usually wants to go to sleep after 1 1/2 to 2 hours, thats why she is always so tired.She has silent reflux which definately doesnt help.(She NEVER used to sleep during the day a couple of months ago). I just wanted her to take a dummy because i dont like the screaming!!!
Oh, well i guess as she gets older maybe she will change
Hi lovely lara,

I am having problems with my 13month old son waking at night & someone in another Huggies post mentioned the website & it has some good info. I also noticed an article on there regarding catnapping so maybe this can help you. By all accounts the lady on the website is very good at curing sleep problems. I only just got my article sent to me last night so I can't tell you if it worked or not, but definitely have a look at it.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you go.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle,

That post was mine. I ve been on the routine Tizzie Hall reccommends for over a month now. It's great to a point, but Liana is still waking at 5am (around) but I re-wrap her and use a dummy and she'll go back to sleep.
The routine is to be used without a dummy, and hence why I still have a waking baby!!!
But I agree, it's worth a try

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Everyone,
I hope someone can help me with this. I just can't get my daughter to sleep for longer then about 45 mins during the day. She is slleeping very well at night ( between 10 to 12 hrs ) and used to have to good sleeps during the day till about 1 month ago. Now that she is not sleeping properly during the day she gets tired and grumpy and stars fighting sleep. I hope someone has some ideas for me.

thank you

Renee, Qld, 4 month daughter

Hi Renee77

I had the same problem with my son when he was about the same age. After tearing my hair out, I took him to a cranial osteopath and I brought home the happy, sleeping baby!

See the cranial osteopath topic for details if you're interested in more info.
Hey Renee,

I had a bub who did the same thing. If you're interested, there's a book called On Becoming Baby Wise which sorted us out famously!! Within a few days, my daughter was sleeping through again (she'd stopped) and had structured day sleeps also. This after 2 1/2 mnths of nearly no sleep at all. If you'd like some info, just let me know. My e-mail is [email protected] .

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