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Baby Hammock Lock Rss


My boy is quickly growing out of his Naturesway baby hammock which he has his day sleeps in. It has been a godsend as he is very a light sleeper and with the hammock he can be bounced back to sleep.

To now put him down in his cot (in another room) is going to be a huge change in his routine/comfort but will have to eventually be done!

Anyone who has any any suggestions on how to introduce the cot without too much disruption would be greatly appreciated!
hi milkshop

wat are those hammocks
in have heard my aunt talk about them (she almost due ) and ive never heard of them

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I dont know if its the same thing but my daughter slept in a bouncernette that lay down on an angle for about 3 months. for all sleeps.
she had reflux and was a prem baby so it kept more upright then flat and we put it on the middle of our bed (so she could be close to us but have her own space).
can you put the baby hammok in the cot? we did this and she started sleeping in her cot with no problems.
She also has a special blanket that she always slept with since she came home but now she takes it everywhere!!!

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Hi Milkshop
What if you tried putting Zac in her hammock but put it in her room so the room isn't so strange to her.
I had trouble with Liam putting himself to sleep as he wouldn't for ages then one day nothing I tried worked so I went and had a long shower so I couldn't hear him crying and when I got out I put the dummy in, as he was still crying, and he was asleep before I was even out of the room.
Pretty much any changes are going to be met with disruption but if you are consistant and firm letting him know that you're the boss and he's not going to succeed it'll help. I know he's only young but sometimes all it takes is for me to tell Liam that I'm not going to give in as I kow he's just being a bugger. Its surprising how much they think they can play you.
Good luck. if all else fails just prepare for a few bad days as thats all it should take.

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Sorry I wrote her and then realised you were talking about Zac whose a boy.

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