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weening off dummy Lock Rss

My 6 mth daughter sleeps with a dummy. Sometimes she wakes 2 - 3 times during night, crying for lost dummy. Its a bit of a pain, and I am thinking of weening her off the dummy. A friend of mine is having alot of trouble with her 2 yr old as he keeps stealing his baby sister's dummy. So my question is: Is it easier to ween a younger baby off dummy than a toddler? I would also appreciate any tips or stories.

Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

Hi, my 10 month old boy has always slept with a dummy. We did go through a stage of him waking for it and I would go in a pop it back in, but now he can find it himself and maybe once a night I have to go in as it has gone on the floor. They do make a thing which you can attach the dummy too then attach it to their pj's so it can't go very far. Apparently there is also one that glows in the dark. I haven't tried to wean him from it yet as I thought I would leave it until after he is one. We only use it for sleeping now (or if he is really grumpy). Good luck with your decision anyway.

Deena NZ New mum

Hi Pamela,

ahhhh I posted the same question last week. I tried to ween Liana off the dummy last week, as she too is not sleeping at the moment due to a lost dummy. I was surprised at how easily she did go to sleep without it, it only took 5 minutes of a slight grizzle and she was off to sleep. The next sleep was the same. I thought I'd achieved my goal!!! pppfffttt who I was kidding???? at the night sleep she lost it completely...... So she got her dummy back.
I decided that she only has it now for her sleep (it stays in her cot, and she spits it out if it's still in her mouth when I pick her up). Sometimes she will only have it for 10 mins whilst she settles. Some of my friends have told me they have babies that have always had a dummy to settle and they sleep straight through the night. So I'm a bit like you, in some ways I want to ween and see if Liana will sleep without it. Or let her have it and see if starting solids will stretch her for a few extra hours of sleep at night.

it's all a 'try it and see'


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03


you and I seem to have the same issues with our little treasures, here's my email address if you'd like to stay intouch [email protected]

Thanks smile

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi and thanks for your replies. I guess Im a little scared to make the "no dummy" committment, so am feeling out how and what other mums are doing. I dont see anything wrong with dummy, but am sick of getting up in night just to retrieve it. Im also thinking of the future and wondering if it will be a bigger battle with a toddler. I will keep you posted.

Kez, thanks for your email. It does seem we have similar issues. I will email you and we can compare notes.


Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

Hi Pamela. My 9 month old loves his dummy too and there will come a time when he will be weaned off. Im just waiting for his top teeth and then I might start weening the daytime sleeps. We will see because they do help to settle baby quicker.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi JZ, It's not a bad idea, starting with daytime sleeps. I may try that. Is your little one teething at moment? I have yet to experience that.

Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

Hi Pamela. Yes he is teething and Im waiting for the top teeth to come through so he wakes a few times during the night somenights, actually most nights. So the dummy is extremely useful for re settling, if he is still crying with dummy in the mouth I give panadol. Its hard when he cant tell me he is in pain. He tries to bite everything including his highchair!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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