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Will he ever learn to sleep? Lock Rss

My son is now 7 months old ( nearly 8). During the day he sleeps for about 40mins a couple of times per day. He goes to bed at night at about 9pm and then wakes every 2 - 3 hours. He has done this since he was born. Sometimes it takes a lot to put him to sleep and settle him back to sleep. even during the day i spend a lot of time trying to get him to sleep (nearly as much time as he sleeps for!) He will sleep in our arms but then often wakes when we put him down. I have tried teaching him to put himself to sleep but have had no luck yet. He just cries and wiggles around his cot unless he is really asleep when i put him down. I have also tried cutting down the milk i feed him during the night to try to cut out some of the feeds. But he seems to just cry if he doesnt get a little milk everytime he wakes up. Do babies eventually learn how to sleep through the night? (please say yes! smile
And is it pretty normal for a 7month old baby to still be waking this frequently?
I feel very selfish wishing that i could get some more sleep at night, but it would make things easier.
Are other people experiencing this?

baby boy

Hi LadyBird,

There are several post in here that relate to your problem. I myself have posted a few. Click on my name on the left hand side and it will take you to the posts. Apart from repeating my posts try this website its worth a million dollars to someone in your position and well worth it.

good luck


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

ahhh im not the only one with a son that doesnt sleep. My son is 8mths today and im still having this struggle he was waking everyhour at night for a feed but i just got tough and did the sleep programme for 3 weeks and let him cry it out for a total of 15mins was all i could handle and it didnt work ive done the no cry programme which is just dont feed them and settle them anyway you can but when its 3 am and all you want is some sleep giving them some milk is the quickest way to make them sleep then you do it. Phoenix now goes down at 6pm and wakes before i go to bed at 9ish and then every 3 hours through the night but i get my partner to settle him if he wakes before the three hours and i try feeding him every four hours at the least. the longest sleep ive ever had is 4 and a half hours since he was born and id love some advice too. I do sympathise with you its so hard to function during the day on such little sleep. I think we derserve sleep too. I dont want to do a crying programme again even though i know people it has worked for it just isnt for me. I wish i had some answers for you but my boy does the same email me if you need to talk anytime on [email protected] take care and hang in there
My boy has been a shocking sleeper since day one too. He is now nearly 10 months. He has 45 mins exactly in the morning and if I'm lucky, an hour in the arvo. He then goes down at 9:30 or 10 at night and will wake once or twice - not so much for a feed anymore but for a cuddle. I co-sleep which has made things a little better but I realise it's not suited to all. Ezrah just sleeps so much better when I'm in bed too. He sleeps alone during the day though.

Despite his wakefullness, he is rarely whingey - and if he is it's usually something else. I really do think now that he simply does not need the same amount of sleep that other babies do. He is a busy little man. I found it hard at first but now am adept at surviving on minor bursts of sleep and catching up where I can. I take heaps of multi vitamins!!

I don't like the controlled crying - and I have tried it and got others to do it for me. It just makes Ezrah clingy and miserable and I don't feel it's right, I think kids cry for a reason. Even if it is selfinsh and they just want to be held I think that's the beauty of being young - it's the one time we get to say exactly what we want and often get it!

Good luck - I just keep thinking it will surely get better when he's really walking!
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