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HELP!!!! Tried everything to get him to sleep - No luck!!! Lock Rss

I have a bub who just turned 7 months and i have tried everything to get him to sleep through at night.

It seems that after 2-3 hours of being in his cot at night, he wakes up talking, grizzling and crying until we go and pick him up. He goes to bed at the latest 9pm and wakes at midnight.

He is sleeping in his own room upstairs (whilst we are downstairs in our room)

I have bought a grow bag, i have tried to take the mobile off his cot, i have given him a teady bear and a blanked to cuddle, we have gone in to re-settle him but nothing seems to work. We have tried to leave him crying in his cot and he just gets louder and louder until we go and pick him up.

As soon as we pick him up and pop him into our bed, he is out for the rest of the night!

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can get him to sleep in his own room???? Would anyone know why he will not sleep in his cot on his own????
How does he fall asleep? Do you put him to sleep in your arms or does he self settle in his cot? I know wrapping is difficult at this age, but my bub is almost 7 months and I still wrap him and he sleeps 6.30pm-6am.
We have tried to wrap him but he is so strong that he makes his way out of it.

Occasionally he falls asleep in our arms but most times we pop him in his cot and after 30 min to 1 hour, he will eventually self settle.

The problem is i dont think he can re-settle himself once he wakes or he doesnt like his cot????? Not too sure!
Im not sure i can give you any advice on how to get your little one to sleep through however you asked why this may be happening. My daughter who is almost eight months has just gone through a similiar thing during the day. I spoke to a child and youth health nurse and we worked out that developmentally this is the age where attachment comes into play. At this age they are beggining to discover the imporatance of mummy especially and this often results in unsettled sleep times where they just want to be cuddled or in your case close to you. It may pass with time.
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