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Book - Its time to sleep...has anyone read this? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone has read the "Its time to sleep" book and whether it is a book worth buying (since i still cannot get my 7 month old to sleep through the night).
Would love to hear what you all think
no sorry, we used "save our sleep" bu Tizzie Hall.
I bought it ... it wasn't anywhere near comprehensive enough ... no help to us!
i bought it too, a total waste of money. the fact that it took 3 weeks to get here didnt help either. the information you get off the huggies sleep section is exactly the same as whats in the dvd and book. i think you would be better off asking your maternal and child health nurse for tips - thats what i ended up relying on and so far so good

Hi I bought it & although it was nice to watch the DVD, it wasn't worth the money as the techniques are on the huggies site, & it didn't tell me anything new.

ds Bailey 31/5/05 ds Aidan 11/2/08

I have the DVD too, (which my husband labelled "it's time to sleep you little bleep bleep!") and found it was useless for my first baby. Ended up being too traumatic for both of us (he ended up vomiting and pooing the minute I left the room, and I was never longer than 5 minutes). It just didnt suit him as a baby - he figured out his own schedule and slept through when he was older (and he still hates being left alone!). Didn't even bother for my second, the difference was he was a good sleeper from the start and still falls asleep whenever or where ever he likes and he's 16 months old.

A good one to settle baby, even if it doesn't put them to sleep is called "the sounds of silence" but I can't remember who produced it. It's a CD and book, the CD is the most bizarre sounds (mimicing the sounds of the womb, white noise, rain etc) and it's great for settling them when the are screaming their heads off - just make it louder than they are (truly!). I bought mine from Target, but if you google it, I am sure you could find a supplier.
Thanks for all of your messages regarding this book.
I have come to the conclusion that no book or advice i have been given to try and get my 7 month old DS to sleep is working!
I just think he is a clingy baby who loves to sleep in the middle of mum & dad!
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