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7months & wakes up ALOT Lock Rss

Can anyone shed some light on my problem. I say problem very loosly as it isn't bothering me completly, it is just alittle inconvient .

My happy seven month old doesn,t sleep through the night. She has two 45min sleeps, in the morning and after lunch . She goes to bed at 7pm but wakes up every hour or half an hour on a good night a few hours. i settle her with dummy and patting at first but after the third time of waking up she will only settle with a breast feed. She then ends up during the night in my bed but still wakes up every few hours for a small feed. She is a health wieght and on three soild meals a day

I'm hoping she will grow out of this behaviour. I don't want to do controll crying as it is not for me
Does any one have any ideas ??? Would be easier to live with this if i knew why she was waking up. Is it because she doesn't know how to put herself back to sleep? Can they learn this with out conrolled crying?????
I had the same problem a couple of months ago. I've modified the controlled crying whereby I go out for about 10 minutes then if he's not settled go back in and put his dummy back in, music back on. Then I go out for another 10 minutes, very rarely did I ever have to go back in and resettle after this.
My problem was Liam didn't know how to put himself to sleep at all until he figured I wasn't coming back. He now sleeps 12 hours straight at night, only occasionally waking for his dummy about 5. To combat the night feed I sent my husband to restlle him as he knew if he played up for long enough mum would feed him but he had no such luck with dad. Gradually the times were stretched out until he dropped that early feed altogether.
We've also stopped wrapping at night, can't get away from daytime though, and this helped.
Not sure if this'll help but it worked for us. If you don't want to use controlled crying modify its principles to suit yourself.

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Hi ajs

Has your baby always woken through the night or has it just been happening recently? If it is a recent thing she might be teething. Or it could be just because she doesn't know how to put herself back to sleep. We used a technique called comfort settling as suggested by Karitane (sleep clinc) with our son as controlled crying wasn't for us either. You wrap your baby or do whatever it is you do to get your baby ready for bed and put them in their cot awake. Then you pat or sing - whatever it takes to settle your baby and if you feel comfortable leave the room but they don't recommend leaving your baby to cry for more than a couple of minutes, or not at all if you aren't comfortable with it. They suggest to keep doing this for 30 mins and if your baby hasn't settled pick her up and settle and try again. If you are interested they explain it better than me on their website:

If you have a partner it might be a good idea to have them try to settle your baby first as she can smell your milk, if you don't maybe a friend or relative could stay for a few nights to help you out. If she is genuinely hungry by all means feed her, and if it really isn't bothering you feeding her to sleep there's no reason not to continue doing so. It usually takes a few days for a baby to learn to self settle, but just be patient. This technique worked really well for us, my son goes off to sleep by himself quite happily now.

All the best
Hi ajs

Control crying worked for me too. I also modified it a little to suit me - I didn't let bubs cry for more than 10 mins either. My bubs is also seven months and now that I know the types of cries she has, I know whether she is crying to re settle herself or that she really is in need of attention.

I found the control crying difficult in the beginning but after the first few days I got used to it. It only took just over a week for me to see results.

Some people do not agree with this method however I feel that it worked for me and I am able to face the day much better with a full nights sleep!

I have not personally heard of any other methods to encourage babies to sleep through.

Good Luck

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Another method I've heard of for teaching babies to go to sleep on their own is to stay in the room with them. Set up a mattress / pillow on the floor beside the cot. When they cry, comfort them by saying "Mummy's here" "Go to sleep" etc. but don't touch them or pick them up. Each night move yourself a bit further from the cot and a bit closer to the door until eventually you're out the door (the theory is that by then they'll be going to sleep on their own).. A friend used this method successfully with a ten month old. She said it was really hard; the first night he cried for 2 hours before crashing to sleep, then cried less each night after that. It took only 4 nights and he's slept perfectly ever since.
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