I have a 14 month old boy who quite happily WAS having 2 sleeps per day. He would wake up at 6.00am ish and be back in bed by 8am. Usually sleep for about 2 hours. Up, lunch etc and back in bed by 1.30pm - usually sleep for 1 1/2 hrs. Now whenever I put him down to sleep, although he looks tired, I am having nightmares getting him to sleep. We have never had this problem during the day. He goes to bed at around 6.15pm and used to sleep a full 12 hours at least. Now I have him waking up at 5.00am. It's still dark!! I am wondering - perhaps he was getting too much sleep through the day and didn't need that much at night. But even if he went to sleep later, he still wakes up incredibly early. Should I try to cut down to 1 sleep per day, and what is the most pain-free way to go about it??