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Music to put bub asleep Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I am thinking about buying a cd to help put my baby to sleep(sounds for silence), but i am wondering if they help to KEEP bub asleep? You may have read some of my other posts, my bub has really short sleep cycles.Sometimes she sleeps for just 20 mins and it can be hard to get her back to sleep. Has anyone had much success with the cd's to help their baby sleep longer?
I use relaxation music with Liam and yes it has worked. he is now a very good sleeper, putting himself to sleep and he usually sleeps 12 hours at night, plus 2 sleeps of about 1 1/2 hours during the day. My dad had some cds that were pan flutes and some other relaxation music that I tried on Liam, and they worked a treat.
I use them during the day and if he's sick/teething I'll use them at night.
I'd try hiring some from your local library as they're not cheap and some babies hate them.
Just in case I didn't answer your question with my ramblings Yes they've helped extend Liams day sleeps, which ahve inturn helped his night sleeps.

member since 2004

Hi Kristy

Thanks for your reply.I was just wondering if you leave the music on the whole time Liam sleeps? Thats probably a dumb question??
Hi Lovely Lara

I have used calming music with my son Rory since he was a newborn and I definately think it helps get him to sleep and helps him stay asleep. I generally just let the CD play through once and it seems to put him into a deep enough sleep that he doesn't notice if it stops.

I say anything is worth a try when you have such a short sleeper - Rory is the same during the day - generally has catnaps (no longer than 1 hour) ... but I must admit he is getting better thankfully! Just wish I could get him to sleep through the night ... I guess that will come with time.

Good luck and hope this helps...

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Lara,
During the day I have the music playing the whole time, I've just put it on repeat for entire cd.
At night I normally don't use it or just have it play through the once. But as Liam is a little sick at the moment its playing continuosly at night also.

Its not a dumb question either. Thats what works for me but I had to experiment with it at first.

I also have another musical toy that actually puts him to sleep and the cd keeps him asleep. The toy is one of those ones that the picture scrolls around and projects onto the roof as well as the front of it. Its a Winnie The Pooh one by Tomy. Target sells them for around $50.

member since 2004

Thanks Kristy and Debs

Im going to the library to rent some cd's! Its hard when you have a catnapper! Amazingly though Tayla has slept through the night two nights in a row now. Fingers crossed it stays that way. She is 4 1/2 months so thats not bad, hey.
The day sleeps are just so hard because it seems impossible for me to resettle her. Once she is awake(after half an hour or so) her eyes are wide open and shes ready to play again!!
Im also thinking of getting her a fisher price aqaurium.I hear great things about them
A friend of mine has the aquarium and she said it worked a treat on her boy. But be careful as they chew through the batteries, as does the Pooh thing we use. And it takes 3 C size batteries, which you can only get in packs of 4. I but whatever's on special so I've got a few spare C sizes floating about. Investing in rechargables, we also have a digital camera so we'll get a charger that charges all sizes.
I copied about 6 of my dads cds. Just a thought.
Hope it works. I noticed a change after about a week.
Isn't it amazing when they start sleeping through you wonder everynight if this'll be like last night or back to waking up heaps.
Good Luck.

member since 2004

Hi Lara

Hamish has had a Fisher Price Aquariam from birth and it always settled him he loves music. Also for Christmas I got him a "Tad" Leap Frog toy. It' s a cuddly toy that plays music - teaches shapes and colours when you press the buttons and also on the right hand it has classical music.

I normally use this at night (although you can only set it for 6 mins) and it plays nice music and he lights up to the beat of the music. Hamish loves it, although when he is asleep I take it out of his cot incase he wakes up and tries to play with it. I think I got it for around $50 from target - but I think its worth it - as he plays with it all of the time.

Good Luck


Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

hi deb

thanks for the advice. im definately getting a fisher price aqauarim now. Anything has to be worth a try for longer sleeps!
Hi lara we got our son michael one as well and when he is very unsettled we put it on and it settles him down it is very good. Good luck with your little one

Mary B

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

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