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Anyone else wrapping at 7 months Lock Rss

I was forced to stop wrapping my son as he would roll about if he was fighting sleep, and I worried that he would strangle himself in the wrap.
The way I did it was to tuck his arms in by his side and tuck the blanket/sheet under his body tightly so he still felt the snuggness. Now 3 months later he gets his arms out before he's asleep but as he's tired and knows when the arms get tucked in its sleep time.
Have you posted to the Sleep expert on here? she was very helpful to me.

member since 2004

We use a cot sheet and it works wonders and is bit enough

Tahlee 24.8.01 Cody 28.4.04

I'm glad i'm not the only one having wrapping problems... I wish i had never wrapped her.

My daughter is 5 months, and has been wrapped since birth for all her sleeps day and night. She is wrapped really tightly, If we don't she throws her arms around and either wakes up or doesn't go to sleep. We have just bought a grobag and we are trying to wean her out of the wrap and into the bag.... but it's not working. We get sick of getting up to her all through the night, so we always seem to end up wrapping her.

The other problem we seem to have is when we go out, no body can wrap Chloe like we do. So she won't go to sleep? We always come home to a very over tierd baby!!

Can anyone suggest any ideas of getting her out of her wrap??? Its driving us crazy.

Jayne, #1 Chloe 15/05/04

Hi Chloe,

no suggestions

just wondering how you wrap Brooke, as we are now on to our third revised wrapping method, as our darling son keeps working out how to get out of each one!


Liam Evan, 2

I have a five month old daughter and I am hopelessly trying to get her out of being wrapped also. With the weather warming up I don't want her getting too hot and she too keeps escaping her wrap through the night. I have started to get her to sleep unwrapped through the day by wrapping the top cot sheet around her and it works sometimes. We have a really good sleep routine happening so she knows when it's bed time. I think it will just take time and patience. I am going to keep at it and hopefully fingers crossed we will all get there in the end. It is so good to hear of other mum's with the same problem, none of my new mum friends seem to be having this problem. If anyone has the magical answer I'm sure we would all love to hear it. My best friend had to take her daughter to QE2 and use controlled crying to cure her daughter, I don't want to go down that road.

Kathy, Canberra ACT

Kitty Kat

Hi All,

Olivia is 8 months and has been wrapped to sleep since about 1 month. I wish I'd never started it but it's the only way she would sleep. Without it she would fling her arms around. Now I find myself getting up to her at least 3 or 4 times a night to rewrap.

With the change in weather here in melb over the last few days it's really knocked her about. Last night she would not sleep. In the end we just unwrapped her and plonked her (gently (o:) in her cot with her dummy in her mouth. She acutally went to sleep without a peep. We were so surprised.

She went down for her morning sleep without the wrap quite well. Again surprised. However she didn't sleep for very long.

This afternoon she was extremely hot so I had no choice, I couldn't wrap her. I did end up having to rock her in my arms for a few minutes (something I very rarely have to do) because she was hot and bothered. I then put her down in just a nappy and no wrap and she seems to be having a good sleep.

It's like SHE just decided it was too hot last night and SHE didn't want to be wrapped.

Fingers crossed this continues.

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

Hi Ellie,

Sorry has taken me so long to reply, have been flat out busy!

Connor is sleeping through the night now, and still has two day naps of about 1 hr although can be less or more depending.

We just went cold turkey and decided to ride it out and see how long it took. It was in actual fact only about 2 bad nights and then it just got better and better from there.

Connor was the same as your little one and would wake when he unwrapped himself, but it got to the point of no return after he started crawling, he would end up unwrapped anyway, so I thought just gotta go for it.

We are a happy success story, my advice is go for it, as summer is just round the corner and it will be just too hot anyway.

Hope this helped,
Hi Adrienne,

How did you go cold turkey?....
did you replace the wrap with more soothing talk, or pats?...
Was Connor waking up more often during the night?...

I would like to make the wrap go away too, especially with all this hot weather!...


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Helena

We just stopped wrapping him and gave him a teddy bear to sleep with him in his cot. I also started controlled crying with him, which I had briefly tried once before but did it with really short intervals of about 4 mins. This only took a couple of days to work through, but depending on your baby may be longer. By the end of week one we were pretty much there.

He did wake through night for the first couple of nights but then seemed to get the idea and now sleeps straight through.

Good luck with your little one,

Thanks Adrienne, we have a fan in the room circulating air and will use your advice as soon as I am brave enough to bite the bullet, and remove his wraps!...

Maybe when he's 12!


Liam Evan, 2

Hi, my daughter is 10 months and i am trying to stop the wrapping, i went from tint muslin wraps, then she grew out of that then brought some material and sewed up the edges then she grew out of that and now i use the flat part of the cot sheet, neally growing out of that now to.
Hi Jazziesmum
My 10 month old daughter has been wrapped since she was 1 month old and has been the only way for her to sleep and i wasnt worried because she has been a great sleeper but now as it gets hot i dont want to, alot of people have said that they will wean when they are ready. The last few mornigs we have gone into her and she is always out so im thinking she is telling me something! so last night i didnt wrap her she fell asleep ok at 7:30 and i woke to her at 5am to put the dummy back in and this arvo i havent wrapped her and have heard her stir a few times, my approach to this is the controlled crying and i am hoping that it will only take a few days otherwise its my sanity at stake!! i just aslo fell that you need to be in the mood to carry this out. I also hope that she gets some sleep out of it otherwise i will have one grumpy girl!!!
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