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Hi Briony

Tayla has been pretty good lately(suprisingly). Im also waiting for her to tire herself out when she starts crawling!! Everyone says that to me as well. I suppose all babies are different though, just like us adults.
How is Olivia going with her sleeping and teething? The teething really bothers Tayla at nightime, but not so much during the day.
I bought some Nurofen for her yesterday, as she will be 6 months in just over a week and i dont think panadol does much for her.
Hi Lara,

That's great news! (o:

We've been lucky with Olivia's teething. She'll be cranky and irritable during the day but still sleeps for 12 hours at night. I can deal with anything during the day because she is such a good nighttime sleeper.

For the teething pain I use "Brauer Teething Relief" I used to use Infant Panadol but tried this stuff out and it's magic. She's still got another month to go before I can give Nurofen a try.

Well Olivia is having a bad teething day today so I'm going to go for a walk in the fresh air to try and make her sleepy. Wish me luck!

hi lara,

my bub is now 12 months, but as a new baby she wouldn't sleep at all during the day, and then sleep pretty well during the night. people would say to me "oh well, as long as you're getting sleep at night, that's the main thing". i would smile and agree, but in my heart i knew that my baby needed her sleep during the day. other new mums would say that their baby hardly slept during the day either. the thing was, my little girl would even get cranky and tired by the end of the day (she's always been a good baby). However, even though she was good, i still had to be near her all the time, and without her having a sleep, i wouldn't get a thing done. no clothes on the line, no cleaning up in the kitchen, the place was a wreck and i just knew that it was in her best interests to be having her sleep. i found out about a place called 'day-stay'. this is in qld, and it's govt run, by the community health nurses etc. you just go there for the entire day, and they teach you to put your baby to sleep. they said that after 3 days of using their techniques, my baby would be in a routine. it took me about 10 days, but now she has her 2 sleeps a day. it was had work, and i still have to sit with her and pat her bum for a little while, but at least she's having a sleep....and i don't mind doing that. surely there would be something like this in wa? i know how you feel, i would be bawling my eyes out trying to get her to sleep until i found the day stay clinics. as your community health nurse.

good luck. i feel for you.


Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

They do grow up, they're only babies for such a short time. I have a baby who is 10 months old and has always had 10 minute catnaps a few times a day. she has 3 catnaps a day now. I do not support control crying, nor does the breastfeeding association, and some medical professionals are now calling it a form of child abuse. If your baby is healthy and happy, i would say you're doing a wonderful job and don't try to push for more. I took my baby to a sleep centre where they showed me how to do control crying, and since then not only does she still not sleep in the day, she wakes up 4 or 5 times a night. This from a baby who never had a 2am feed! She would go from 10 to 6 until 8 weeks, when she went from 8pm to 7am without waking. Now she sleeps worse then ever, and i put it down to that one day of control crying, which made her emotionally unbalanced. If she is sleep deprived to the point where she is losing weight and becoming ill, then try desperate things, but until then, get her up when she wakes up, put her down when she's asleep, and congratulate yourself for doing a wonderful job.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

i didn't realise that people called 40 sleeps catnaps! I call that a decent sleep for my baby, after her naps of 10-15 minutes at a time. anyway, i've said my bit.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

Hi Calli

Thanks for your response
Tayla does go to sleep without too much fuss by herself, its just that she doesnt sleep that long. She seems to be getting enough sleep though so im not going to push it. Sometimes its easier to get her up after a half hour sleep then to resettle for an hour and only get another 20 mins out of her! We do have the day stay clinics here but they really dont do anything different then what im already doing and they cost nearly $200 a day. I hope that she will sleep longer as she gets older because she will be more active then and she will probably need more sleep. All in all she is a great little baby, she just doesnt sleep long!
Hi Jade

I do agree with you that controlled crying is not a pleasant experience (for baby and mother). What ive been doing is not controlled crying as such, more like settling techniques.(unfortunately does still involve a small amount of crying).
I usually stay in the room with Tayla until she falls asleep and stroke her forehead or pat her bottom.Im just trying to not get in the habit of rocking her to sleep, because i dont want to be doing it for ever.(Its killing my back!!).
I think that any sleeps under an hour are considered cat naps, so we both have little catnappers on our hands. Tayla used to sleep anywhere between 5 mins and 20 mins when she was a few months old and it was just really hard for me because i could never catch up on sleep during the day(shes not a great night sleeper).
Nowadays she sleeps about half an hour, which is not great but certainly better than before!
I dont want her to sleep longer because of my sake, but because i know she needs some decent sleep. I know that shes only a baby though, and of course they need comforting and reassurance to go to sleep.
Cheers, Lara
Hi Briony

How are things? I should probably start emailing you instead of filling up this topic!
I went away over the weekend and Tayla did not want to sleep in the portacot so she sort of got out of her routine and is now in my bed!!
I dont know what the difference is between her cot and my bed??
Hi Lara,

Sorry, I thought I'd replied to you but forgot that the computer crashed that day.

I guess Tayla just likes your bed too much or just likes being close to Mummy. I've heard that some people put the cot right up beside the bed with the gate thing down so that the baby feels like they are in Mum's bed but can also get used to their own cot.

I didn't have any luck with Olivia and her portacot when she was younger. She just wouldn't sleep in it. I haven't tried it for a while. On the odd occassion that we've been out late I've just put her to sleep in her pram but she's getting a bit big to sleep in there now.

As for Olivia's sleeping, she's still doing the 40 minutes thing during the day. I've been a bit slack and given up on it but she's just too cranky in between sleeps so I have to try a bit harder. I'm actually trying it at the moment. Wish me luck!

How's Tayla doing now

Hi Briony

Things arent too bad lately.Occasionally Tayla is sleeping for an hour which is pretty good.
I found a really good website if you want to check it out. It has some good info and chatrooms on catnapping.Its
It also has info on the pick up put down method.How are you going with the naps?
Exhausting stuff hey?
Hi Lara,

Sorry it's been so long.

Olivia just won't sleep for longer than 36 mins at a time during the day. Yep I've timed her and she always wakes up about 36 mins. She ends up having about 5 of these sleeps a day. If it wasn't for her sleeping all night I'd be a wreck.

I had a look at the babywhisperer site and read about someone with the same prob and how she solved it but haven't given it a try. I don't know if it would work because Olivia wakes up after her short nap and is wide awake and ready to play. It's after about half an hour that she starts to get grizzly and tired again.

How's Tayla going? Are things any better?

Hi Briony
Im in the same boat as you at the moment.Taylas naps have gone down to 15 or 20 mins.Yesterday she fell asleep on me when she was having a bottle for 5 mins, so i put her in the cot and she woke up.She would not sleep any longer after that,so she was awake for 4 1/2 hours! My sister suggested to keep her up for longer,so ive been keeping her up for 3 hours in the hope of her sleeping at least the 45 mins, but NO!!!!
Last week i occassionally got her to sleep a little longer by holding her hands down and shushing in her ear, but that doesnt always work. I read on the babywhisperer site that it takes them 20 mins to fall into a deep sleep, so if you pat and shush them for 20 mins then they should sleep longer. Im going to try this soon.(Guess i cant be bothered at the moment). Its just so hard, i dont know whether i should just get used to the short naps because its been going on so long, or whether i should keep up perservering. Its funny how they dont sleep longer when they are obviously still tired. If i got the chance to sleep during the day i would....
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