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To all the mums of catnapper babies: Lock Rss

Hi Lara,

Olivia's been doing some 20 min sleeps as well. It makes her just awful. Is she sleeps for her 36 mins she's ok for about half and hour to an hour and then she's cranky and tired again.

I've also tried to keep her up for longer but that doesn't work for us either. Very occasionally the holding her hands and shusshing in her ear works but not often enough.

I've decided to try the thing from the other site about going in a couple of mins before she usually wakes and trying to soothe her before she fully wakes.

I'm going to wait till after her 6 months vac's (in a week and a half) and then I'm going to read up about it and try it.

I'll let you know how I go.

Is Tayla sleeping any better at night?

Hi Briony
Sorry, i couldnt log in for ages. I have no idea why?
How are the sleeps for you now? Tayla is waking about twice a night at the moment.Usually at 10 pm and 2am. She has 2 teeth now, so i think that was the reason for the constant wakings before.
Not much changed with the daytime naps unfortunately sad On a happier note, Tayla now says Dada! How cute, and of course her dad is really proud
Hi Lara,

How are thing's going with Tayla's sleeping? Any better?

Olivia is still having her short sleeps during the day but doesn't seem to need as many now.

I've given up trying to extend the sleeps and am just putting her back down when she gets tired again. I'm still waiting for her to get more mobile and make herself more tired but she is still only 6 and a half months.

Hi Briony

I have given up on the naps as well. I thought that she might have extended them by now(7 1/2 months), but doesnt seem to be heading in that directon!
Tayla isnt crawling yet, but is trying so maybe when that happens??
It will be great when we can put our feet up for a few hours and have a decent break, because we really deserve it!
Hi Lara,

Well I've decided I don't have it that bad regarding Olivia's daytime sleeps. I've decided she's not a catnapper, she just doesn't need as much daytime sleep as some other babies.

I've found lately that she is going longer between sleeps but still only has a short nap and is awake and ready to play again. On the odd occassion when she's been up for a long time (4 hours) she might sleep for an hour or so. That just shows me that she can do it, she just doesn't need to.

The good thing about short naps is that I don't have to wait around at home while she has a 2 hour sleep. I can pretty much go out whenever I want during the day. Olivia's also really good at falling asleep in her pram while we're out.

I don't know when it happened but between naps she used to get really cranky, now she will happily play and do things on her own.

Good luck with Tayla, I hope things get better for you soon too.

Hi Briony

I have adopted the same thinking as you lately. Tayla does sleep longer on some occasions and doesnt seem too grumpy, so all in all ive decided to just go with the flow!
Now that Olivia is over 6 months her sleep needs have probably decreased a little and that would definately be helping.
How is she going development wise? Sitting up yet? It is soooo much easier when they can sit up.Tayla is trying to crawl at the is quite funny!
Hi Lara,

It was quite hard for a while there when Olivia was just grumpy and tired between sleeps. Now that's she's older and can play on her own for a bit it's much easier.

Olivia started to sit up on her own about 2 weeks ago. It's amazing to watch her sitting there playing on the floor. They are growing so quickly.

Oh no, watch out. Sounds like Tayla will be on the move soon (o:

How's Tayla's nighttime sleeping going?

Krysta is a serial cat napper! Some days I can't even have a shower cos she wakes up within 30mins.. I just let her play, play with her, watch tv with her etc
I find if I give her some food before she goes to bed she sleeps a bit longer, she doesn't sleep all that long when she just has milk.. altho some days she will have a 3hr sleep!
I can't really complain tho as she sleeps 12-13hrs at night smile I just have to do everything then!

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

Hi Briony
Havent spoken for a while. How is Olivia? Does she still catnap? Tayla has just started to sleep for 1 1/2 hrs at a time!! I dont know what changed, but its really great! Now i can get some rest myself
Hi Lara,

That's terrific. You must be so happy! Wow, an hour and a half at a time.

Olivia is still a powernapper/catnapper )o:

She actually went back to 20 min naps for a bit so I started giving her a snack in between her meals and that seems to have helped. She's now awake for about 2 hours between sleeps and sleeps for 30 to 45 mins at a time.

She's still not moving about much so I'm still waiting for her to start crawling and making herself tired.

Hi Briony

Im starting to think that maybe Tayla just tires herself out now. She crawls backwards but not forwards! She has been doing this for weeks, and im starting to think she will never crawl forwards.
Anyway, i am living proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope Olivia tires herself out for you soon! smile
Hi Lara,

Olivia is still having her catnap mid morning but lately if she's tired straight after lunch she can sleep for an hour and 20 mins. It's great. She just seems to need a full belly to sleep longer.

Is Tayla still sleeping well?

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