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Waking Up AGAIN Lock Rss

Hi All.

I have an 8 month old baby girl, Jordyn. She has started waking up at 1.00am and won't resettle, thinking it is play time!! Standing up in her cot, talking to herself etc.

Normally she would wake at 1.00am and 4.00am for a feed and go straight back off but this last 2 weeks has been starting the 1.00am - 3.00am business!!

Any ideas would be appreciated...

Also, she will not eat vegetables for her last meal of the day. I have tried everything, pumpkin, carrot, potato and sweet potato. She will not take to any of them but loves all her fruit.

Usually I give her breakfast Farex with fruit at 7.00am then 11.30am mixed fruit and usually her veges at 4.30pm. I thought this maybe due to her teething but her bottom teeth are through and she still will not take to her last meal.

Last night she woke nearly every hour. The best was probably 8.30pm - 11.00pm and then "mummy wake up and play with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Help me...
Hi Belinda
I know exactly how you feel it's a killer isn't it, my 8 month old bub, has done exactly the same thing I don't feed him at night , but I even tried feeding him and that doesnt work either so we broke our golden rule and we put him into bed with us, and he eventually goes off, I always make sure he starts off in his bed and we just bring him in when he wakes, sorry I don't have any solutions for you, I am a big fan of tressilian and they say at about this time seperation anxiety plays a big part with the bubs maybe give them a call on there hotline but Im afraid they will tell u to control cry settle which I found really hard to do, I give credit to all the mums out there who can do it because I have found it one of the hardest things to do, I end up an emotion mess.
The only thing I can say about veg is have u tried making spagetti and grate vegies into , thats what I do.
Good Luck

Bek NSW 10mth boy

Thank you so much for your reply. I must, I have broken the golden rule to as Jordyn is sleeping in our bed a bit more than often!!!

Thank you again,

Hi Bellinda, just an idea regarding Jordyn not eating veg at night. I had trouble getting Ezrah to eat cereal in the morning so I decided to mix things around, after all he doesn't know what he's sposed to be eating when. I've found he will eat his yoghurt and fruit in the morning. I then give him his cereal for lunch as he is hungier at lunchtime and gobles it down. I give him veg or pasta in the arvo as well as a selection of finger foods through out the day. He's 10 months but as had finger foods for a while.

Perhaps you could offer Jordyn her veg at different times through out the day, or if she and you are ready, just steam finger food size bits of veg so they are not too mushy and still firm enough fo her to hold. This could get a little bit into her at least as it will be a novelty.

A wise woman also told me once that if they will only eat carrott at every meal then give it to them but just make sure you keep offering a new food every time with it. Eventually they will deelop a tatse for the rest.

Good luck.

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