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I was just wondering if Im the only one that still tip toes around the house when the baby sleeps? Especially at night, I keep shooshing my partner and people that come over during the day, I know babies need noise, but shes quite a light sleeper and I dont like noise when shes trying to sleep. Just curious I suppose...


Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't I guess. Bubs only recently moved from our bedroom to her own which is right next to the kitchen so if I'm making breakky or something I do it really quietly and if I want to check on her I do that quietly too. I have discovered that at sometimes she can be woken very easily and sometimes I can clap loudly 5 times at her door and she doesn;t even flinch.

Hi Lisa,

Brayden use to be able to sleep in a busy and noisy restaurant or shopping centre but since he became a catnapper in the day time... we started becoming so conscious of noise that I'm afraid we do tip toe when he is sleeping... more out of fear that he would wake and NOT go back to sleep.

He is ok at night when he gets into his long and deep sleep but I find that during the day, the creaking of the door or if I'm in his nursery putting his clothes away... he moves at the sound of anything. I often get soooooo annoyed when the next door neighbour decides to mow their lawn during his day nap time!!! LOL

Anyway, since being more active/alert and able to stay up for longer periods of time... when we go shopping or out to eat... he rarely sleeps as he is too interested in what is going on around him...

Bye for now.

I too used to do this!! Turn the telly down, not use taps (incase they shook to loud the the ceiling) etc.... I stopped this ages ago and now find Jeb sleeps a hell of a lot better the louder things are. The only thing that is a big no no is daddy talking when he gets home during the day if Jebs asleep. It doesn't seem to matter what we do, it's like he can sense when his daddy gets home and he just wants to see him. smile
I am a believer in noise.. I think that it can create a problem in itself if everything is silent.. you would not be able to get bubs to sleep if you went to a shopping centre, a bbq etc.

Maybe she is a light sleeper because she isnt used to noise.

Can I ask a dumb question... How do you get anything done around the house? I have washing machines, tvs and the vacuum etc on through the day while my bub is asleep. That way I can spend time with her while awake
Hi! Lisa,

I had an aunty who used to have a real light sleeper. So when Arianna was born - I used to put her to sleep in the lounge room during the day and the TV would always be on. I would vaccumm and do everything as I normally would - then at about 8 months everything used to unsettle her - and I think it was because she just became more aware of what was going on - so I tip toe everywhere now as well!!! lol

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

Hi mums
Yeah, sounds like we're all nearly the same. Let sleeping babies lie I say!

I tip toe around the house when my bubs asleep and keep shooshing my hubby too. At night once my baby is in a deep sleep it's okay to have the TV on and be in the loungeroom talking and making a cuppa or something to eat but in the day she's a very light sleeper and I have to be a lot quieter.

However, having said that though my bub does sleep well when we're in a social situation and she's asleep in the baby carrier. I think a bit of noise is good for them 'cause then that way they can sleep a bit (even if it's 5 mins it's better than no sleep) when there is noise around. It's the sharp, sudden noises that usually wake them but if it's a constant noise such as at the shops or at a bbq or picnic or something similar they normally sleep through it.
My DS will sleep pretty well in the day with background noise - which is great. At night, even better, just put him into bed and he's gone for the night....

BUT we have neighbours that are in to motorcross and have a harley so when they get out there and clean their bikes / perform maintenance - they are so bloody loud, revving their bikes that he wakes up (their garage is near his bedroom window).

It is such a sore point for me now, when I hear them get out there, I go into crazy mode and shut his window and the doors and try and block out as much noise as possible.

The thing is my darling bubs will go back to sleep only to be woken again, by a huge REV!!!!!!

Thank god, it's not every day !!!
We had some great advice early on and that was to have a radio on our little one's bedroom in the daytime so he gets used to sleeping with noise. Apparently it also helps them distinguish between day and night as night is quiet. So we play him ABC Classic FM.

Its pretty much works and he sleeps better with noise around most of the time. Only time its an issue is sometimes when he's in REM sleep as its so light sleep that sometimes he wakes at noise. But I often vacuum when he's asleep.
I am really bad with this as well. My boy is 6 months and i still tip toe and get very cranky at my sister at night when she is quite noisy and i knnow that they need to get used to noise as well but i'm like its so much easier to be quiet so they have good sleeps. I swear I go and look in on him and he wakes up!!!!!
I also tend to be really quiet when my son is asleep. We live in a two bedroom unit, so everything is close to his room! I usually get most of my housework done while he is awake and then usually relax with a book, tv, while he's napping. I do sometimes run the washing machine though, it doesn't seem to bother him.

We are moving into a three bedroom house at the end of the month (thank goodness), so it should be a bit better. Hopefully I won't have to tip toe around everywhere then.

I had a friend that wouldn't let anyone in her house while her daugher was sleeping.

If people visited, you had to stay in the car until she woke. Including family members!

I thought this was rediculous!!!!

The real world is not a quiet place (not my house anyway!)

I vacume and do everything i normally would during the day when my son sleeps.

He is just used to it now and doesn't wake.

We keep night times quiet though.

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

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