Hi again,
This is getting quite sad now. I think it's painfully obvious that I have nothing better to do tonight than a small bit of research (as you do).
I noticed someone asked about a sleep clinic in Brisbane and a girlfriend of mine told me about a place called Riverton, ph. 07 38607111. She said it was really helpful. It's for 0-2 years and it's covered by Medicare but you need a referral from a Health Prof.
I then felt bad for people in the other states so I found similar parent help lines and sleep clinics.
S.A - 1300 364 100
W.A- 1800 111 546
VIC- 13 22 89
ACT- 6205 2000
NSW- 1800 637 357 (if in Syd- 9787 5255)
Sorry, I couldn't find one for Tassie!
Good luck all!