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My 4 month old has been wrapped for sleep since birth.
Is there any particular time that I should stop wrapping him for sleep.

I tried to put him to bed without a wrap the other day but he just wouldn't settle, so i wrapped him and straight away he went to sleep.

Please offer your suggestions.

All the best

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Hi again,

I am a big fan of wrapping and see no need to stop it at any certain age. I wrapped my son till about 6-7 months, but the weather got the better of us.

I would wait till spring at least, when the weather warms up some more.

I have also heard of stories of kidlets being wrapped till 3!! But really is there any harm in that...


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Zac's Mum

There's a couple of other topics on this subject that I've posted replies to - so just in case you've read them I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record smile !!!

Keep wrapping your son as long as he needs it - there's no reason to stop if he's still comfortable with it. Sometimes it can become a problem when they become mobile and start rolling around all over the place. My son started getting out of his wrap and it was ending up all around his neck - that's when I decided it was time for the wrap to go. But he wouldn't go to sleep without it. So I started leaving one arm out and each time I wrapped him I would alternate his arms so he would get used to them both being out. Then I started leaving both arms out and just wrapping around his torso. I think it took about a month to wean him off the wrap. When the time comes just do it gradually and he will hardly notice - then again he might just decide he doesn't want to be wrapped anymore. But it's definitely handy to keep him wrapped during the winter months if he's still happy with it.

Hope this helps
Hi Zacs mum
I still wrap my 7 month old but I only do it during the day. At night he sleeps in a sleeping bag thats a few sizes too big and its still cozy for him. We had no trouble stopping the wrap at night but during the day trying to stop it has been a nightmare and after an hour of going in and resettling I usually give up and wrap him (not that he's upset, I put his dummy back in and retuck him).
I say do it as long as its needed, I've had people tell me they wrapped until 1. As long as your son can't roll to his tummy whilst wrapped then you should be right.

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Hi again,

I also found it was more habit, or a little process for him to go to bed and sleep. At first i use to lay him down where i use to wrap him, and check his bottom etc. Then put him into bed.

I just know that when he saw the book cabinet he knew he was going to sleep,

Just an idea to help,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanx to all for your responses

All the best

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Olivia is 4 & a half months and we have also been wrapping her for sleep since birth. It is the only way she'll sleep. We were just discussing when to stop wrapping her the other night so reading this post was great.

I think we'll follow Jasmine's suggestion and keep wrapping her while it's cold at night and then start to leave one arm out at a time. As it is she usually gets her left arm out anyway during the night and sleeps ok like that.

By the way, Can anyone suggest where we can get some bigger wraps/bunny rugs?

Hi Bri,
I know they might be a little expensive but Pumpkin Patch have huge wraps that I can still use on my 7 1/2 month old. I bought muslin ones a pack of 2 cost me $30 and we also had one given to us a cotton one which I think was about $23.
Or if your handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is) why not buy some fabric and hem around the outside that way you can get the exact size you want.
I still wrap my son during the day but have found putting him in a sleep suit that's 2 sizes to big has worked for us at night (won't work during the day), as its nice and snug and cozy.
Good Luck.

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Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the response. After reading this I realised that I do have 2 of these PP wraps in the cupboard. I used them for Olivia in summer but then put them away because they were really thin.

They are much bigger than what I'm currently using and are nice and stretchy.

We are going to gradually try and wean Olivia off her wrap by putting one arm out at a time and then we'll maybe swap to a sleeping bag. I think the too big idea is great, it would be nice and cosy for them.
I'd wait until at least after winter. My daughter was an august birth, so i only wrapped her until she was 3 months old. We're in Townsville, and by November it was too hot to wrap her, but it's cold now, i'd keep him wrapped. It's like the breastfeeding issue, keep doing it until you both feel he can cope without it. Don't let anyone push you around, if he wants to be wrapped, then keep him wrapped.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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