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Fruit before bed at night can unsettle?? Lock Rss

I don't know how valid this theory is, but it might be worth a try if your bubs keeps waking at night!!

Recently my friend had to work 2 weeks straight; days & nights, so her MIL came to stay to look after her girls. Her 18 month old has always woken lots at night. The MIL's theory is that children / babies should not eat fruit in the evening too soon before bedtime as it can cause upset tummies and / or a sugar high.

My friend has always given her kids fruit / fruit salad after dinner, every night. When her MIL stayed, she did not give them fruit and guess what? The 18 month old started sleeping all night; not waking at all.

I've been taking note with my 12month old, and usually the nights he wakes are the nights he's had fruit in the evening. This may all be a coincidence and /or a load of mumbo jumbo, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. It may be able to help someone.
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