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Night Owl Lock Rss

ive been tring to get Hannah into a routine but everyday is different.

and she wont sleep and stay asleep until 11.30pm she wakes up between 9 or 10 in the morning.
its ok for now cause its cold and i hate getting up out of bed when its cold , does anyone think theres a chance she will change her slwwpong patterns as she gets older?

sometimes in the day she sleeps only half an hour all day, and other days she sleeps total 4hrs. 1st sleep at midday then again about 3.30pm
i am a night owl myself as u can see by the time on this post, but this is my time and unfortunatly all the shops are closed :?

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Hi Chelby

I guess the only thing you can do is try to get into a routine. You could start of by waking her at 7 in the morning and putting her down for sleep at scheduled times. (roughly the same time everyday).
Im no expert and trust me i have no routine for my daughter yet either, but most people swear by it for sanity!!
Good luck
For your own sanity you need a routine! Try getting her up around 8 am if mornings are too hard which I can assure you I live in Melbourne so its hard for me too. I like the 8 am timeslot for waking and for putting to bed I like 8 pm at night so I have a couple of hours time to myself. Thats what I do anyway.

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