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hate sleeping Rss

hi i have a 8mth old girl she is amazing but never slept good or through the breast feeding her.she ust to sleep with me cos i couldnt get up anymore.but now she sleep in her cot-still in my bedroom.if i put her in her cot while shes awake she will screm like i did something realy bad to her and than she will fall a sleep after few min.every single time.she hate sleeping.she is the most happy girl never cry-i dont let her and very active.i dont know if it is normal to cry like that when i put her to bed.somtime she sleeps in my arms or in the car but when i put her in her cot she loses it.she never slept through the night i wake up every 2 hr.somtime 4 a feed.but somtimes i give her water.anyway i realy dont know what to do cos i hate leaving her to is not in me.
It sounds like your daughter has developed bad sleep associations (ie. feed, in your arms, in car) and doesn't know how to get herself off to sleep without these things.

There is info on the Huggies site about settling methods and many threads here too if you look through the many pages you may find some info that will help. Some info in the "newborn - sleep and settling" might be useful too.

You are probably going to have to go through a little while of letting her cry a bit to fix her sleep habits. I bought "The Baby Whisperer Solves all your Problems" and that has some advice on fixing sleep habits. There are other books around too. If you don't want to buy one you can probably get some from your local library?
Well our children sound very much the same my son is now 11mths (3 weeks till the big 1). He was / is still a breast feed baby and would normally go to sleep on the breast then when placed in his cot scream the house down - so he would end up in our bed so I can get some sleep. However I recently took him to Tweddle (sleep school) in Melb and that has helped heaps (there is a lot of crying) he no longer sleeps at the breast (so I only feed in the morning and 1 hour before bed time) it worked great for me...he hates to sleep during the day but it works for me if he sleeps at night...


Hi there, it definetly sounds like she has got herself into a bad pattern of sleep. My 14 week old has always been a good sleeper until I started going out with him on regular basis, he started napping in the car then I would take hime out and he would wake up, he would fall asleep in his pram at the shops and then I would wake him to get him in the car, his sleeping during the day went from 3 hours in the morn and 3 hours in the afternoon to cat napping all day! I have stopped going out now for a week and today he had his first solid 3 hour sleep in the day again. Try not going out for the next week (only for absolute necessities) and concetrate on getting her to sleep again. If you need o put her to sleep in your arms don't wait too long to put her in her cot it takes babies of this age about 15minutes to fall into a deep sleep, this is the ideal time to put them down. See how you go. Naomi
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